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Physician-Patient Privilege Explained: What is it? How Are Accident Victims Protected After Death?

As a general rule of law, while a patient is living and receiving medical treatment, the statutes surrounding physician-patient privilege protect the privacy of a patient’s medical records and history as per official HIPAA guidelines and any other laws that are applicable in the state the patient resides. In the case of this write-up, we’ll be exploring the state of Florida’s specific guidelines in reference to physician-patient privilege after death.

Wrongful Death Claims: What Every Beneficiary Must Know After Tragic Loss

Every motion, action, and complaint filed in a courthouse is subject to strictly enforced guidelines that vary based on the state in which they were filed. Florida’s wrongful death statutes are some of the most complex in the nation and require a lawyer that has seen trial over the course of many years to successfully navigate them.

The Law After Tragic Loss: A Follow-Up


Wrongful death. It’s difficult to think about the loss of a loved one; under the most natural of circumstances (old age, after a long and happy life), but when a family member loses their life due to the recklessness of another, the victim’s surviving family members are left in turmoil. This mental anguish brought upon the surviving family after the loss of a loved one due to sudden tragedy may provide them the right to legal action.

Everything You Need to Know About a Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Part 1

Within the scope of a wrongful death lawsuit lies a nuanced approach to collecting damages. While a family can never put a dollar amount on the loss of a loved one, and shouldn’t have to, there are still financial burdens that must be dealt with after death. For this reason, it’s important to obtain board certified legal counsel to help navigate both the judicial and financial aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit.


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