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Workplace Wrongful Death: What Do YOU Need to Know?

Dangerous accident during work

Workplace wrongful deaths are some of the worst tragedies families face. Families say goodbye in the morning, counting on seeing their family member at night. When a family member sustains injuries and as a result, dies on the job, there is insurmountable trauma. Receiving the call of a family member's death is only the beginning of a very painful, traumatic process. Having the right legal representation in the form of a Florida Personal Injury lawyer guarantees the process is as painless as it can be. (Losing a family member in an accident results in severe mental anguish.) Shaked Law Firm explains...

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What is Workplace Wrongful Death?

Workplace wrongful death is one of the most tragic things to happen to thousands of families every year. Loved ones head to work expecting to return home at the end of the day. Then tragedy strikes, and family members receive the call: “there’s been an accident”. Receiving this kind of phone call is the beginning of what will become an emotionally trying time for a grief stricken family....

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Followup: Employer Liability and Company Cars (New Information Employees Should Have on Hand)!

In 2018's "Employer Liability: When Accidents Happen in the Company Car" we looked at what goes into determining employer liability when it comes to company issued vehicles. In this thorough followup, we'll provide new information employees using business-owned vehicles should know in the event they find themselves injured on the clock. Workplace accidents happen to even the most responsible employees, what's most important is knowing how to proceed on both the medical and legal side when they do....

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