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What Florida Drivers Need to Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage (Don’t Sign Without Reading!)

According to, the go-to source for DMV regulations and updated amendments to the law by state, the Insurance Research Council–better known as the IRC–has estimated that 1 in 7 drivers doesn’t carry car insurance. This statistic is staggering but not surprising in states like Florida, where most drivers don’t carry enough or any motor vehicle insurance at all.

Here’s Why Hit and Run Accidents Don’t Disqualify Victims From Recovering Damages

Shaked Law Firm

When a driver flees the scene of a hit and run accident they are actively committing a crime, potentially a felony. The legal consequences for causing a hit and run accident may include specific penalties that can be incurred if another driver, biker, or pedestrian is hit and therefore sustain serious injuries. This writeup will explore the options available to those involved in hit and run accidents, and why these accidents do not immediately disqualify them from seeking legal recourse for their pain and suffering.