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Suing a Trucking Company For Negligent Acts?

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Who is liable for Florida trucking accidents? After a trucking accident in which a victim sustains serious injuries, a Personal Injury consultation is a must. A Personal Injury lawyer with years of trucking accident experience can determine the amount of damages recoverable. A lawyer lacking trucking accident experience may send the client out the door with insufficient compensation! While some lawyers claim they handle cases as large as Florida trucking accidents, they never see them to verdict. This article includes the following points found in Florida trucking accidents: What is the principle of 'Respondeat Superior'?How does the "scope of employment" determine compensation?How...

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What is Florida Trucking Accident Law?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article provides the truth about what the insurance companies hope Florida trucking accident victims won’t find out!

Florida trucking accident law is an important topic of conversation surrounding Personal Injury. We see trucks out on Florida's roads and highways every day and as a result, we're familiar with them. When we get on the busy Miami highways, the sight of semis causing traffic jams is hard to miss. However, commercial trucks on our busy roads are the norm, the laws that regulate their safe commutes are more complex. Now, statistics show that each year, nearly 4,000 Americans suffer accidents with fatal injuries from trucking accidents disregarding public safety. What does the public need to know about Florida trucking accident...

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What is FMCSA? How Does it Protect Public Safety?

The FMCSA is responsible for all aspects of trucking. This article provides a look at how FMCSA regulations protect public safety

The FMCSA is responsible for all aspects of trucking. However, in our everyday lives we don’t often think about all the rules and regulations that go into keeping our highways safe. Public safety is something we tend to ignore because safety on our highways is an expectation. This article provides a look at how FMCSA regulations protect public safety: What are FMCSA requirements?What is driver fatigue?How do cargo, companies, and hazardous material carriers abide by FMCSA?What are FMCSA vehicle markings?How do these regulations keep drivers safe? What is FMCSA? When we’re out on the Florida highways there are always proper safeguards in place to...

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How Do Truck Drivers Maintain Hours of Service?

This article answers questions regarding driver fatigue. Specifically, the fatigue trucking operators experience driving long haul and commercial vehicles.

Hours of Service are in place to protect the safety of the truck driver, as well as other drivers on the road. Trucking carrier fatigue and the accidents it can cause, pose serious liability risk to both truck driver and trucking company. It's also a serious public safety risk. The statistics according to Department of Transportation are staggering. Accidents due to fatigue are responsible for 13% of all commercial motor vehicle related collisions! Hours of Service violations are serious. That’s why the DOT is enforcing better regulations for operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles ("CMVs"). To achieve this, the DOT is imposing Hours...

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