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Brain Injury Awareness Month: Further Exploring the Legal Side of TBI

With an injury that can be proven such as broken bones, herniated disks, Spinal Cord Injury, or any number of other injuries visible either from the victim or through their diagnostic imaging, the road to recovering damages has fewer twists and turns. With these injuries, the judge and the insurance company can more readily see these often catastrophic outcomes (amputations, broken bones, disfigurement, burns, the need for a wheelchair or cain) and can rule on damages to be awarded accordingly.

The Personal Injury Perspective on Traumatic Brain Injury

When it comes to the nuanced specialty of Personal Injury law, most lawyers are prepared to try any and all orthopedic injuries; this is because they’re visible, thus able to be proven to the insurance company or a judge during trial. However, the same can’t be said for Traumatic Brain Injury cases. Many lawyers, while experienced in the standard practice of Personal Injury law, are not equipped to handle the complexities of a TBI case. This article will seek to provide our readers with an in-depth look at why only the most experienced lawyers should represent brain injury cases.

Economic Recovery after TBI: How Victims and Families Get Back on Their Feet After Serious Injury

Economic recovery is something victims and their families are often unaware they’re entitled to before retaining legal counsel to represent them after an accident. After suffering an accident as severe as a traumatic brain injury, there is a plethora of reasons one may be able to obtain compensation. Depending on the severity of the TBI and the prognosis made by medical professionals (known as “expert witnesses” in a court of law), and any other injuries suffered as a result of the accident, victims may qualify for a variety of legal compensation. A board certified civil trial attorney is the best way for...

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