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Why Are Concussions So Dangerous?

Concussion injuries are invisible. Imaging is necessary to rule out permanent injury after a blow to the head. Shaked Law Firm explains concussions.

Time is always of the essence when dealing with any type of Traumatic Brain Injury, and no blow to the head should ever be left untreated simply because the victim isn't actively experiencing a "headache". Concussions are silent killers, and any blow to the head whether on the football field or from a car accident, requires transport to the hospital as soon as possible. Sometimes these injuries occur while playing football. Sometimes a victim sustains injuries in a car or motorcycle accident. No matter how the victim sustains injuries, the severity requires determination by a physician. People don't usually associate concussions...

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Why is Diagnostic Imaging Necessary Post Accident?

There are several forms of imaging to determine the extent of injuries post accident. Shaked Law Firm provides extensive information on diagnostic imaging

Why is diagnostic imaging important after an accident? Within the practice of Personal Injury Law, lawyers see the most painful injuries that affect clients. These injuries cause lifelong pain and suffering, therefore drastically reducing Quality of Life ("QoL"). From Medical Malpractice to car accident injuries, there's never a specific injury that's more or less painful. It depends, however, on the client and how each individual experiences pain. One thing that remains the same across each and every Personal Injury case: the necessity of diagnostic imaging. Imaging is useful to thoroughly determine the extent of the victim's injuries. This Shaked Law Resource article...

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How Does a Motorcycle Accident Impact the Brain?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides a clear picture of motorcycle accident Traumatic Brain Injury. We’ll discuss the long-term effects of TBI.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading cause of fatal injuries in the United States. Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous of all transportation related injuries Americans sustain every day. This is largely in part because a blow to the skull causes catastrophic trauma. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet exposes riders to grave risks, such as permanent brain damage and fatalities. What risks do motorcycle accidents pose to the brain? This Shaked Law Resource article provides a clear picture of motorcycle accident Traumatic Brain Injury. We’ll discuss the long-term effects of TBI on its victims. First, it’s worth looking at Traumatic...

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