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2018 Class Action Roundup: Where Are The Top 5 Now?

In our popular series of Class Action articles, we’ve covered the “big five” ongoing Class Action lawsuits (Taxotere, Talcum Powder, Roundup, IVC Filters, and Gadolinium; as well as articles covering several smaller but no less important ongoing lawsuits). Our Class Action series spanned numerous articles and touched on all five of the current biggest classes pursuing litigation as of 2018. Now, with 2018 coming to a close, we’ll present a follow-up article on where these “big five” cases currently stand and where they’re set to go going into 2019.

Talcum Powder Was a Woman’s Staple, Now the Manufacturer is Being Sued For Withholding Health Risks

A decades-old brand of popular talcum powder that was once a woman's household staple has come under fire in recent years for the manufacturer's withholding of damaging documentation that could've saved thousands of lives and prevented as many from suffering diagnoses of ovarian cancer after using the product for an extended period of time. So, why did the manufacturer withhold scientific studies linked to undeniable proof that women who utilized their talcum powder as part of a daily hygiene routine were at a higher risk for ovarian cancer? The answer may just lie in the fact that for large...

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