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What Determines Liability in Personal Injury Law?

What is liability in Personal Injury? After sustaining injuries as a result of someone else’s actions, the person responsible may be liable. Find out why!

Liability. When a person sustains injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, the person responsible for their physical injury may be liable for those actions. Only a Personal Injury lawyer with Board Certification should advise clients on what actions to take when their injuries are the cause of another....

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Slip and Fall Accidents: Top 5 Ways to Protect Public Safety and Prevent Painful Injuries

Accident lawyers see slip and fall cases to verdict or reach settlement agreements for them on a daily basis. These cases are unfortunately all too common. Business owners become careless about public safety and landlords find themselves too busy to make necessary repairs before a tenant is injured on the property. There are too many downsides to this carelessness to name, but what it comes down to is public safety. Those who have sustained injuries due to the liability of a landlord or a business owner who failed to make necessary repairs to the property, thus allowing injuries to occur, are entitled to compensation for those injuries.

In the interest of public safety, our Law Resource has provided the Top 5 lawyer-backed ways to prevent slip and fall accidents before they can become a public safety risk!