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What Are the Top 5 Reasons for Retaining a Board Certified Lawyer?

Shaked Law Firm explains the reasons the best thing to do post accident is consult with a Board Certified lawyer!

A Board Certified lawyer means experience, dedication, and ethics. For a Personal Injury lawyer, Board Certification is a mark of excellence. Patients would never trust a doctor lacking Board Certification with their care. The same discretion is necessary in retaining a lawyer. Victims should retain a Board Certified lawyer when it comes to who they trust to seek justice post-accident. The problem is, many potential clients don’t know that lawyers can even be Board Certified.

This lack of publicly available knowledge is unfathomable to the country’s top lawyers. Doctors and dentists receive Board Certification before they can care for a single patient. For those who practice Personal Injury Law this very important distinction is what separates “paper pushers” from the “case winners”. “Case winners” receive large settlements and verdicts regularly. Lack of Board Certification can be what’s standing between clients and the maximum amount of compensation.

Is Physical Pain Delaying Recovery Post Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm article explains how physical pain that doesn't receive proper medical care can delay a patient's recovery on the medical side.

Physical pain post accident can be severe and permanent without medical intervention. Physical pain that doesn't receive proper medical care can severely delay a patient's recovery on the medical side. Permanent physical pain costs a victim their Quality of Life. Furthermore, it can cost financially. When victims are out of work long term, it becomes impossible to pay the bills. Many times, the problem lies in victims attempting to hide physical pain, enduring a job that makes their suffering worse. This, in an attempt to get the bills paid. Insurance companies want victims of accidents to believe there is no...

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What is the Purpose of “Personal Injury Law”?

2020's first article looks at the importantance of Personal Injury Law! Following accidents with injuries, it’s important to know how cases are compensated.

To kick off 2020, the Shaked Law Firm's Law Resource Blog wants to educate the public on the true purpose of Personal Injury Law. The accidents and injuries occurring as a result of negligent or reckless actions, fall under the Personal Injury Law umbrella. Whether it's a business or a doctor, negligent actions result in a direct risk to public safety. In the most severe instances, negligence causes wrongful death. Personal Injury Law's definition is the following: “[...

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