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Strict Product Liability: When “Defective” is More Than Just “Doesn’t Work”

Occasionally when we buy something, no matter the flashy marketing made to sell the product or how many friends have also purchased the product with great results, we can still end up with something defective. In the worst-case scenario the product could even be dangerous, causing any number of injuries to the consumer. What happens when a consumer has been injured by the normal use of a defective or dangerous product?

Defective Products and the Law: It’s Not the Consumer’s Fault


Product Liability Law is a broad definition for a specific area of the law. It includes, but is not limited to, the legal rules consisting of who’s responsible for defective or inherently dangerous products or services provided to the public. Defective products used in a reasonable manner but still cause injury are never the fault of the consumer.

What is a Product Recall? Here’s What Informed Consumers Need to Know!

Depending on state and local regulations the process leading to the recall of a product varies widely. Concerned consumers should always look to the official FDA and Product Recall websites for the most updated information. However, this is a standardized process by which the federal government issues its recalls when a product is found to have a dangerous defect or food is found to pose a health risk.

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