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When Does Physical Pain Lead to a Personal Injury Case?

Is physical pain severe enough that it leads to a Personal Injury case? Shaked Law Firm explains how severe physical pain affects Personal Injury cases.

When is physical pain severe enough that it leads to a Florida Personal Injury case? After sustaining injuries in any type of accident, physical pain and suffering follows. However, too often victims of auto accidents and motorcycle accidents attempt to hide the true severity of the pain. Their hope is that if they ignore it, it goes away. Most times, however, the pain remains, and the Florida Statute of Limitations passes. This is another reason why accident victims must act quickly to retain a lawyer with Board Certification. These are the lawyers who can recover maximum compensation for unresolved pain...

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Defense Doctors: Who Are They in Personal Injury Cases?

defense doctors personal injury case smiling doctors

A victim’s rights post-accident should always favor the maximum amount of compensation under the law. The lengthy process of seeing a case to the end takes the biggest toll on the client. After so much pain and suffering, another medical examination can be extremely stressful. Clients at the "mercy of" defense doctors factors into a lot of post-accident mental anguish. This Shaked Law Firm article will provide our readers with everything they need to know about defense doctors and the defense medical examination. Read more: Mental Anguish Post Accident Has Serious Affects Shaked Law Firm's purpose for this article is to...

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What Personal Injury Attorneys Want Clients to Know

What Personal Injury Attorneys Want Clients to Know

Personal Injury attorneys want happy clients. This article will explain exactly what attorneys with experience want their clients to know prior to the first consultation! Personal Injury Law covers a wide array of harm that comes to a person by no fault of their own. Negligence, recklessness, Medical Malpractice, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents. All of these situations cause harm, and require a Personal Injury attorney. Whether it's a drunk driver or a doctor, the actions of another can result in a direct risk to safety. Sometimes these acts of negligence or recklessness even cause wrongful death. Read more: How Does...

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Punitive Damages in Personal Injury Cases

A Personal Injury case may warrant more than the offer of a settlement during mediation. A jury may award punitive damages. Shaked Law Firm explains.

Sometimes, a Personal Injury case warrants more than the offer of a settlement during mediation. It's possible an offer is unreasonable in comparison to the client's injuries. When a client's injuries are so severe that policy limits are insufficient, punitive damages may apply. However, it takes a lawyer with years of experience to establish such necessity during trial. Awarding a victim punitive damages provides further compensation, as well as validating pain, suffering, and mental anguish. Policy limits: the maximum amount of money the insurance company provides without going to trial. What are compensatory damages? The legal definition of Compensatory Damages, per Cornell...

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