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What is Florida’s Statute of Limitations?

Florida is extremely strict when it comes to enforcing the Statute of Limitations, and barring rare circumstances, will never change for a claimant.

The Florida Statute of Limitations exists to prevent those who are not credible from abusing the overworked legal system within the state. Florida is extremely strict when it comes to enforcing the Statute, and barring extraordinary circumstances, will never change for a claimant. Within this article, Shaked Law Firm explains Florida's Statute of Limitations pertaining specifically to Personal Injury law. What the Florida Statute of Limitations purpose? Under Florida law, the Statute of Limitations exists to make the law easier to interpret. Its purpose is for instances of pain and suffering that arise from accident or injurious behavior due to another's negligence. However,...

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Permanent Injuries Result in Lifelong Pain and Suffering

face of a sad man in front of a dark background

After permanent injuries resulting from trauma, a person's normal life changes in an instant. When trauma survivors experience physical limitations due to pain after an accident, they can undergo mental anguish as a result of the physical pain and suffering. Thus, they must receive maximum compensation for pain and suffering. When a person sustains permanent injuries, they must pursue litigation against those responsible for their pain and suffering. The Florida Statute of Limitations dictates this must be done quickly. The basis for this article rests in the explanation of how permanent injury results in lifelong pain and suffering for those who...

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Why Should My Attorney Be Board Certified?

Board Certified is what separates paper pusher lawyers from expert, case winning lawyers and Shaked Law Firm will explain why.

Board Certification is a mark of excellence for expert Personal Injury attorneys. It's not an option for those striving to maintain successful firms, it's a must. Patients should never trust a doctor lacking Board Certification in their specialty. The commitment to excellence applies to a Personal Injury attorney. After all, a Personal Injury attorney is responsible for the outcome of an accident claim in which a client suffers life-threatening injuries. The problem lies in the lack of information the public has on this area of law. Many people are not aware that attorneys can even be a Board Certified Civil...

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What Questions Should Clients Ask a Personal Injury Attorney?

Settlements, mediation, trial, compensation. This article provides the answer to the question of "what should I ask a Personal Injury attorney?"

Personal Injury attorneys want successful claims and client satisfaction. This article provides the answer to the question of "what should I ask my Personal Injury attorney?" Personal Injury Law covers multiple types of accidents and injuries; these are usually not the fault of the party with injuries. Negligence, recklessness, medical malpractice, auto accidents, brain injury, and motorcycle accidents. All of these scenarios cause harm and fall under Personal Injury. These accidents all require an attorney to litigate compensation for them. Whether it's a Florida reckless driver, a doctor, a private citizen or a business owner, the negligent actions of others can...

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