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Negligent Security Cases After Injury, How Do Victims Prove Fault?

Accidental shootings, stabbings, and assaults resulting in permanent injury and fatalities are more likely happen when a business owner or landlord fails to secure their property.  These business owners and landlords must put the safety of their customers, employees, and tenants above all else! If they don’t, they’re putting themselves at-risk for becoming liable and ultimately sued....

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With Negligent Security On The Rise In South Florida, Who Becomes Liable?

When we enter a business to shop, or arrive at a property for a work assignment, one of the first things of note is the presence security cameras and posted signage stating that a business or property is under 24-hour surveillance. As residents of some of the busiest cities in the United States, South Floridians have come to expect that property owners and businesses are taking the most effective measures to protect customers and employees from coming to harm as we work, shop, dine, and relax.

There are times, however, when crime does occur and a person becomes severely injured in a shooting, or worse, their life is lost? Who is liable when a visitor to a property or business becomes the victim of a violent crime? How can proprietors of a business make every effort to deter these events from occurring? The Law Resource Blog has those answers.

Damages in Negligent Security Lawsuits: Part 3

In our third and final installment of our Damages series, we’re going to delve into the subject of damages awarded in cases of negligent security and once again, touch briefly on how this can pertain to a Class of people. For reference, in this article we will use apartment building tenants who became victims of crime due to landlord negligence to secure his or her property with proper security measures as one of the several examples to be discussed.