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What Are Negligent Security Accidents With Injuries?

What Are Negligent Security Accidents With Injuries?

Negligent security accidents can happen to anyone. No one is immune to the dangerous mistake businesses are liable for. It's important that businesses ensure the health and safety of employees. When an employee travels to a location to perform their duties, they must be aware of the area's crime rate. Accidental shootings, stab wounds, and assaults happen when one cannot properly protect themselves. These are instances in which an employee is not aware of the crime occurring at the location they're performing their job. Business owners must put the safety of customers and employees first. It may cost more, but in...

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In Negligent Security Cases, How is Fault Proven?

Negligent security cases are fought by Personal Injury lawyers every day. None of us are immune to this dangerous mistake property owners make. Thus, we can all pay for this carelessness at any given time. When an employee arrives to do their job, or has reason to be at a residence or business, safety must be priority. Accidental shootings, stabbings, and assaults resulting in permanent injury and fatalities are more likely happen when a business owner or landlord fails to secure their property....

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Who Is Responsible For A Negligent Security Accident?

Victims of violent crime on someone else’s property must prove they took necessary steps to ensure adequate security of their person. Whether at their place of business or residence, personal safety is a large part of negligent security litigation. If there is proof the business or property owner is neglecting to inform employees or visitors of the property that the area has the potential for crime, they may be liable....

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Why Are Negligent Security Accidents Rising?

Negligent security accidents can be avoided. When we enter a business to shop, or arrive at a property for work, we may not realize the property is under 24-hour surveillance. This discreet security measure isn’t meant for us to see, but we want the assurance that it’s there to protect us. As residents of some of the busiest cities in the United States, Floridians have come to expect that property owners are taking necessary measures to protect those who visit from coming to harm as we work, shop, dine, and relax.

What happens after a negligent security accident?

However, there are times when crime does occur and a person may sustain serious injuries in a shooting, or worse, they could lose their life. Who becomes liable when visitors to a property or business become victims of negligent security accidents? How can business owners make an effort to deter negligent security accidents from occurring? The Shaked Law Resource Blog has the answer!