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Amputations: How Do We Bridge Quality of Life Gaps?

In this Shaked Law Firm article, we explain what happens after a victim suffers injuries resulting in amputation.

When something as drastic as an amputation occurs after an accident, a victim may feel that their life has changed for the worst. They may also experience any number of setbacks physically. These setbacks are not linear, and can occur at any time during recovery. The impact of losing a limb can also occur mentally. Victims may feel at peace at one moment, but suffer horrific flashbacks to the accident or the operating room the next. This is the nature of what's known as "medical PTSD" and often occurs alongside amputation injuries. Learn more: What is Medical PTSD? In this Shaked Law Firm article,...

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Hit and Run Accident: What Are the Consequences?

A Florida hit and run accident occurs when a driver flees the scene after causing an accident with injuries. Victims may be entitled to punitive damages.

A Florida hit and run accident occurs when a driver flees the scene after causing an accident with injuries. Drivers fleeing the scene of an accident are committing a crime. In the case of serious bodily harm to a victim, the crime could be a felony. The legal consequences for causing a hit and run accident may include punitive damages in the event the harm to another is irreparable. Read more: Punitive Damages in Personal Injury Cases After sustaining injuries in a Florida hit and run accident, victims may assume there is no legal recourse but this is not true. Victims...

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Florida Auto Accidents Causing Whiplash?

woman in car accident depressed with red car florida accident sad woman scared woman

Whiplash is an injury that tends to mimic symptoms of CRPS (formerly RSD). Most patients recover from whiplash, and the pain goes away with time. However, whiplash can also be severe. Doctors may misdiagnose CRPS, not knowing it can result from a previous whiplash injury. This is due to the fact that the some of the symptoms occurring in whiplash, occur in CRPS. However, in cases of CRPS, they become progressively worse. Unfortunately, whiplash resulting in CRPS cannot heal on its own. In fact, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome causes lifelong, permanent pain and suffering. Within this Shaked Law Firm article our...

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When Does Physical Pain Lead to a Personal Injury Case?

Is physical pain severe enough that it leads to a Personal Injury case? Shaked Law Firm explains how severe physical pain affects Personal Injury cases.

When is physical pain severe enough that it leads to a Florida Personal Injury case? After sustaining injuries in any type of accident, physical pain and suffering follows. However, too often victims of auto accidents and motorcycle accidents attempt to hide the true severity of the pain. Their hope is that if they ignore it, it goes away. Most times, however, the pain remains, and the Florida Statute of Limitations passes. This is another reason why accident victims must act quickly to retain a lawyer with Board Certification. These are the lawyers who can recover maximum compensation for unresolved pain...

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