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What is Civil Liability in Florida Drunk Driving Accidents?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides insight to an important, but overlooked part of Florida drunk driving accidents: civil liability.

After a Florida drunk driving accident with injuries, those responsible are liable for a victim's compensation! Many people don't know this, but after a drunk driving accident, victims can receive compensation. Many people believe the consequences are criminal charges upon the drunk party (defendant). However, civil liability is one of the most common consequences a defendant faces after their recklessness causes pain and suffering. It's important to retain a lawyer with Board Certification after a Florida drunk driving accident. That is, after stabilizing from any injuries on the medical side. Drunk driving accidents can happen to anyone. No matter the "tolerance"...

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How Do Dram Shop Laws Protect Public Safety?

Dram Shop Laws are an aspect of social host liability. These laws discourage serving alcohol to someone who is already under the influence. However, this isn't the only reason for Dram Shop Laws. Social host liability holds the host of a private gathering responsible for an injury or death directly caused by serving alcohol to a guest. Dram Shop Laws are in place to hold an establishment such as a bar or a restaurant liable for the negligent actions of a patron....

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