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What is Cruise Ship Liability Law?

This Shaked Law Firm article covers cruise ship liability. What is liability? Who is at-fault? Personal Injury lawyers must have experience in Maritime Law!

What is cruise ship liability? Whether traveling by air, land, or sea, it's not often we stop to think about the possibility of something going wrong while traveling. Accidents can happen anywhere. Sometimes hotels fail to keep guests safe. It's in these cases that accidents happen due to the negligence of another. These are instances where accidents occur and we are not at-fault. In such cases, when injuries occur, another party is liable. Accidents which fall under "liability", are what Personal Injury attorneys know to be more difficult than others due to the high burden of proof necessary. When it comes to...

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What is Cruise Ship Liability? Part 2

Now, in Part 2 of "What is Cruise Ship Liability" we'll wrap up our extensive Travel Liability series with another in-depth look at how a skilled Personal Injury attorney must present a cruise operator's negligence to a judge. We'll also take the opportunity to dive deeper into the complexities behind "willful intent" and what that means within the scope of Personal Injury law. Finally, we'll provide an experienced attorney's insight into foreseeability on the part of cruise ship employees, carefully explaining the ins-and-outs of "reasonable care" to better inform our readers of this common legal term.

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What is Cruise Ship Liability? Part 1

Where hotel and airline liability are fairly concise in what's required for an outcome in favor of the plaintiff, cruise line liability becomes murky when dealing with Maritime Law (also known as "admiralty law"). Every common carrier (rail line, bus line, airline, and cruise line) must exercise reasonable care for passengers. There is no exception to this law. In the event of negligence on the part of a cruise line, admiralty law supplies that the cruise operator will be held liable for any passenger injuries caused by "willful actions".

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