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Why do Disc Herniation Injuries Result in Pain After Accidents?

spine demonstration doctor hands showing model spine patient healthcare disc vertebrae

Disc herniation after an accident can cause loss of quality of life due to the intense pain and immobility it causes victims. Within this Shaked Law Firm article we'll provide the information needed to fully understand the painful reality of severe disc herniation injuries. We'll also discuss the injuries that result from disc herniation such as cauda equina syndrome (CES). It's important to understand the lengths those with severe pain and suffering may go to achieve relief. From prescription pain medication to undergoing surgical procedures, those who suffer back injuries can attest it's not only extremely painful but diminishes quality of...

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Do Back and Spine Injuries Delay Accident Recovery?

What type of spine injuries are delaying victims' recovery after an accident? After an accident that causes severe injuries, life gets put on hold. Lost wages, job loss, and isolation from family and friends are common occurrences. After recovering from most injuries, a victim should be able to return to daily life after a short healing period....

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Update: What is Quadriplegia? Can Patients Recover?

Shaked Law Firm offers updated information regarding quadriplegia, and the resulting medical care necessary for injuries resulting in paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries as a result of an accident damage the central nervous system ("CNS"). The central nervous system is found within the spinal canal and suffers catastrophic consequences when vertebrae, spinal cord, or disks sustain trauma. The spinal cord's function is to allow every system in the body to function in perfect harmony. However, trauma resulting in permanent damage to the spinal cord can cause quadriplegia. This Shaked Law Firm article offers updated information regarding quadriplegia, and the resulting medical care necessary for injuries resulting in paralysis. What is quadriplegia? Quadriplegia is paralysis of all four limbs. This paralysis results in complete...

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Why is a Back Injury Post Accident Concerning?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides information necessary to fully understand pain and suffering due to back injury resulting from accidents.

Within the scope of Personal Injury Law we see endless injuries that affect our clients. These injuries cause irreparable harm, making daily life impossible to live fully. Medical Malpractice. Car accidents. Motorcycle accidents. Traumatic Brain Injury. There isn't one specific injury that's "the most painful". The "pain" in "pain and suffering" is unique to each client. These injuries cause innumerable symptoms, sometimes leaving clients bed bound or in a wheelchair for long periods of time....

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