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Florida Auto Accident Injuries: CRPS, Whiplash?

There are a wide range of injuries after auto accidents. Shaked Law Firm provides an explanation of the most common auto accident injuries including CRPS.

After suffering injuries in an auto accident, injuries can be severe. No matter the injuries resulting from an auto accident, pain and suffering ensues. What happens after a sustaining injuries in a Florida auto accident? After a car accident, a victim should receive treatment on the scene. Then, if injuries are severe, victims receive medical attention at an ER. Hospitals triage injuries: internal bleeding, Spinal Cord Injury, TBI, broken bones. Normally, injuries receive treatment in order of severity. After a car accident, the hospital will most likely keep a patient overnight for observation. This allows complications that can arise to receive treatment...

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Liability in Florida DUI Accidents. With Injuries?

After a DUI with injuries, the responsible party is liable. This Shaked Law Firm article explains an important aspect of Florida DUI: civil liability.

After a DUI accident with injuries, those responsible are liable for the harm that comes to the victim. Many people don't know this, but they can seek compensation after sustaining injuries in a DUI accident. However, civil liability is one of the most common consequences a drunk driver faces after causing harm to other drivers. This is especially true if injuries were sustained or property was damaged. It's important to retain a lawyer with Board Certification after a DUI accident. That is, after stabilizing from any injuries on the medical side. DUI accidents can happen to anyone. No matter how high...

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Steps to Take After Florida Auto Accident?

Red accident car miami auto accident car accident damaged car

Florida auto accidents are a common cause of injuries and sometimes, wrongful death. Hit and run accidents involving motorcyclists or pedestrians are often severe. This is due in part to the nature of a car striking a human being without protection. The victim in a motorcycle accident has no protection from airbags on impact. Sometimes, in cases of pedestrian accidents, a driver fails to stop at a red light and strikes the victim. Read more: How Does Wrongful Death Affect Surviving Family? A pedestrian with the right of way hit while crossing a street may legally pursue compensation for their injuries....

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