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It’s Summer in South Florida, the Risk of Accidental Drowning Increases

Who becomes liable in the event of drowning accident that results in a wrongful death, and what steps can families take to prevent drowning accidents from ever occurring in the first place? As summer approaches South Florida in a matter of days, no one wants to think about the loss of a loved one amidst vacation and much needed relaxation. It’s devastating to think that something as enjoyable as a summer vacation, when families are enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather, can turn tragic due to only seconds of another's negligence....

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Alarm Systems Can Offer Peace of Mind During Swimming Season

Today on the blog, we'll touch on a topic not discussed often enough when it comes to swim safety: alarm systems. The Shaked Law Blog will offer insight to this all too important safety concern and how our readers should act quickly to secure their homes before hosting gatherings this Summer. Remember, it's important in warm weather climates like Florida to utilize this information year-round to keep family as well as guests safe while enjoying a day in and around the pool.


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