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What is an Accidental Drowning Case in Personal Injury?

swimming body of water drowning accident safety florida pool water

Who becomes liable after an accidental drowning? What steps can responsible adults take to prevent drowning accidents from occurring? Accidental drowning claims the lives of thousands of people every year. These accidents are preventable. With proper safety measures in place, the risk of accidental drowning accidents decreases exponentially. The devastation of thinking that something as enjoyable as a vacation, enjoying beautiful Florida weather, turning tragic in the event of a drowning accident. What causes Florida drowning accidents? Sometimes, the negligence of another causes an accidental drowning accident. Instances of accidental drownings include leaving children without supervision, or failing to install a pool alarm....

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What Are Wrongful Death Drowning Accidents?

This Shaked Law Firm article intends to provide answers to questions regarding wrongful death drowning accidents.We also provide tips for safe swimming!

Every year in South Florida families fall victim to the tragedy of avoidable drowning accidents. Children unnecessarily lose their lives to drowning due to lack of supervision. Adults in charge may look away for a minute, leaving a child without supervision. This single minute, or second, becomes the cause of a wrongful death drowning accident. It's important to educate oneself about the importance of pool supervision and safety. If keeping children and the elderly safe from wrongful death drowning accidents is important, reading this Shaked Law Resource article is a must. What do families need to know about drowning accidents? Within this article...

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What is Accidental Drowning in Personal Injury Law?

Who becomes liable after an accidental drowning? What steps prevent drowning accidents from occurring? Shaked Law Firm answers these questions and more.

Who becomes liable after a drowning accident and what steps can you take to prevent drowning accidents from occurring in the first place? No one wants to think about the loss of a loved one, especially when it’s due to something such as an avoidable accidental drowning. It’s devastating to think that something as enjoyable as spring break or summer vacation when families are enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather can turn tragic in an instant.


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Alarm Systems Provide Safety and Peace of Mind, Can Prevent Drowning Accidents


While most people think "security" is keeping thieves off a residential property where family resides, there are other alarm systems that could save the life of a child, an elderly, or disabled person. These alarm systems are life saving when they're installed in areas of the home prone to accidents; one of these areas is of course, a swimming pool, and it should have an alarm system to accompany it....

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