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Negligent Security – The Most Experienced Negligent Security Lawyers in Florida


Shaked Law Firm is here to protect the rights of those who have suffered an assault or accidental shooting injury due to negligent security accidents. When people simply disregard the potential danger of firearms, the results can be tragic and ultimately fatal. Ignoring potential security risks is not only negligent on the part of a business or property owner, but it puts the public at unnecessary risk of coming to harm.

Failing to secure a property can have catastrophic results for those who frequent the premises. After being injured as a result of an accidental shooting, the personal injury attorneys of Shaked Law Firm passionately protect the interests of victims and are at the ready to obtain the maximum amount of compensation.

How do negligent security lawyers litigate this type of case?


In a court of law, a plaintiff and their lawyer must prove the business (or property) owner was aware of the rate of crime surrounding the area in which they maintain their business is exponentially higher than other neighboring areas.

Furthermore, an experienced negligent security lawyer will be able to prove the business or property owner failed to update or maintain their security in accordance with the crime rate in the area in which they set up shop. When a negligent security claim can be proven, the property owner can be held liable (responsible) for damages awarded to any victim who has become injured as a result.

Several things must be proven in order to establish a successful negligent security claim in the state of Florida:


  • Duty of care was not exercised in discovering the area’s prior crimes
  • The plaintiff must prove he or she was on the premises in a legal manner; hired to do a job there, shopping at a business, etc.
  • The property owner knew of security risks but failed to maintain or update their security to provide adequate protection for those who must come onto the property to do business or perform a job

What must Florida business and property owners do to prevent a negligent security lawsuit before it happens?


There are several things business and property owners must do in order to avoid accidental shootings, assaults, and other crime-related accidents from occurring on their premises. Shaked Law Firm’s negligent security lawyers recommend business and property owners take note of the following and implement them as they see fit to better protect those who must visit their businesses:

  • Security cameras: This aspect of protecting one’s property cannot be overlooked. Security cameras can mean the difference between a violent crime and a peaceful property. In the event a crime does occur, there’s a better chance of law enforcement catching the perp and sending them to jail where they belong if security cameras are installed and working properly.
  • Employ an armed security presence: this is one that a lot of business owners don’t want to think about because of the financial burden it may put upon them, but remember, litigation costs far more after becoming liable! Armed guards on a property in areas known for crime waves or consistently high crime is essential. Employing licensed and properly trained guards to patrol the building or business establishment can deter criminals from stepping foot on the premises. And, in the event of a crime, a skilled security guard may be able to stop the criminal in their tracks, allowing law enforcement to be called. An armed security guard can save lives!
  • Keep the property well lit: a well lit property is the safest property. Keeping a property well lit during nighttime hours can deter even the most experienced criminals. No one wants to be caught and hauled off to jail. Most criminals hoping to commit violent acts use the cover of darkness to prey on innocent victims such as employees on the property to install cable, or apartment residents coming home from work. Keeping the property well lit and maintaining the lighting regularly (checking fixtures and bulbs for problems) is another must for business owners and landlords alike.
  • Security gates or reenforced fencing: depending on the size of the business and the area in which it’s established, properly gating the premises can help protect visitors to the property from becoming a casualty of someone else’s violence. In areas known for higher crime, it’s imperative to properly fence or gate the business or property to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to attempt a break in. For residential property owners such as landlords and property managers, installing guard gates at the front of the property and upholding a consistent policy of checking the ID of every person who enters the building is a must.

Am I entitled to compensation after a negligent security related injury?


Should a case go to trial, there are certain things that the judge will consider before making a decision. The main aspects of what’s considered when hearing a negligent security case include, but are not limited to the following:

  • What is the age of the plaintiff? Are they elderly or minor children?
  • Life expectancy of the plaintiff (had he or she not sustained injury due to the defendant’s (in this case the business owner or landlord) actions–if the victim tragically passed away, were they in good health before they suffered fatal injuries?
  • The quality of life a victim of a violent crime had prior to the pain and suffering sustained due to the actions of the defendant.
  • Lost wages, future earnings: While two very separate categories, both however look at the financial side of the case in different ways. Lost wages investigates whether the victim has lost significant income due to their injuries–incurring medical expenses and debt due to being out of work immediately following their injuries? Future earnings uncovers whether a victim is unable to return to the job they held prior to their injuries, thus decreasing their future earning potential for themselves and their family.

When it comes to negligent security, and in turn premises liability, the plaintiff will be asked show very specific details that deem the defendant responsible (liable) for their pain and suffering. When it comes to a negligent security action, the lawyer is required to provide proof on behalf of their injured client that the property or business owner failed in their duty of care, to act in a manner considered reasonable for the safety o f their patrons.

Negligent security lawyers must be experienced


Every case is different, but after sustaining an injury in an accidental shooting, being assaulted, or coming to harm at a business that failed to meet safety standards, a victim may have the right to be compensated for his or her injuries. Our negligent security lawyers know this area of the law from years of hands-on experience in the court room, fighting for our clients. That means we know what goes into obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for innocent victims of negligent security accidents.

Contact our Negligent Security Lawyers today for a free consultation; there’s no obligation!