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Homeowner Claims – Florida Homeowner Insurance Lawyers


Homeowner Claims

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Insurance companies don’t play fair; for these companies, Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay is a commonly used tactic that’s designed to make victims entitled to compensation “go away”. This practice is unacceptable, and any Homeowner Insurance Claim lawyer with experience in the trenches with insurance companies will never back down when it comes to fighting for their client’s rights. After theft, fire, storm, or another homeowner claim made legitimately is flat out denied with no explanation by the insurance company, victims certainly feel they have no place to turn.


What is Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay when it comes to Homeowner’s Insurance?

The insurance company never makes a victim’s claims process simple. There’s never been a time when a victim has filed a claim and received the maximum compensation that’s owed to them without a fight. This is unfair and unacceptable. However, that’s the job of the insurance company, and their schoolyard bully tactics are never be tolerated by a lawyer who knows how these companies operate; that’s why it’s important not to never attempt a fight with the insurance company on your own. The game of Deny, Delay, Don’t pay can and does drag on for months or even years without proper legal representation, and in the end nothing is resolved, or the victim receives a paltry sum of money that’s nowhere near enough to cover the damage to their home.

It’s never in the best interest of victims who have suffered property damage to attempt to fight the insurance company by themselves. The end result always remains: the compensation will not be paid, or it will be the smallest amount the insurance company can get away with (unfairly), while the victim and their family will be left with little recourse to recoup the cost of property that was damaged by no fault of their own.

What’s considered severe damage to a home?

In Florida, our weather can be unpredictable. Sunshine one day to devastating storms the next. No matter how prepared Floridians are for the unexpected, property damage happens. That’s why homeowner’s insurance exists, in theory. In reality, the insurance companies don’t honor their end of the policy without a legal battle, and that’s why our lawyers are willing to fight on behalf of these victims of Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay.

Damage considered severe or catastrophic can be any of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Fire
  • Storm and wind damage
  • Roof damage
  • Rusty pipes
  • Mold
  • Water damage

When these things happen even after preventative measures were taken by the homeowner to protect their family property, it’s important to have legal representation that knows how to take the insurance company to task. Insurance policies are supposed to protect victims of property damage, but the insurance companies don’t play fair and never will. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in damages from the insurance companies on behalf of our clients, allowing them to repair their homes and get back to living a full life.


What happens after sustaining damage to a family home?

Victims who have been denied proper compensation for their theft, fire, or storm related insurance claim should not give up and walk away. Seek experience legal representation right away! The Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyers at Shaked Law Firm have built our firm by standing up for victims and their families who have been denied the compensation they rightfully deserve from the insurance companies.

No victim of fire, theft, or storm damage should ever be forced out of their family home and into financial ruin, or made to live in unsafe and hazardous conditions where injuries are likely to be sustained because the insurance company denies their claim. There are routes to recovering damages that Personal Injury lawyers can navigate, ultimately obtaining the compensation a family needs to repair their home or purchase a new one, if necessary.

Choosing the right Florida Homeowner Insurance Lawyer is key

Victims know they should be compensated, but the insurance companies continue to deny these rightful claims over and over. After so many denials, it must be impossible to recover any damages, so victims should just give up, right? No way! This is absolutely false and Shaked Law Firm is here to dispel the myth that if a claim is denied, it’s time to give up. Victims should never attempt to fight the insurance company alone, only to give up after their claim is denied. Not only does this cause more anguish after sustaining devastating damage to a family home, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

That’s why Shaked Law Firm’s experienced, Board Certified Homeowner Insurance lawyers are there from Day One–consultation to case conclusion. Our lawyers don’t settle for less than our clients are rightfully owed, and we’re never afraid to go to trial if it’s for the benefit of the client! We’re not a factory, and we don’t settle for minimum compensation just to get the client out the door with a check. We’re here day and night from lawyers to legal assistants to paralegals, working on every aspect of our cases hands-on until we reach a successful resolution that benefits the victim, NEVER the insurance company.

When the insurance company attempts to lowball a victim or flat out denies their claim with no explanation or for reasons that are unfair and against the law, Shaked Law Firm’s Homeowner Insurance Claim Lawyers are here to fight passionately on victims’ behalf.

Contact our Homeowner Claim Insurance Lawyers today for a free consultation; there’s no obligation!