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How Does Wrongful Death Litigation Affect Surviving Family?

Shaked Law Firm offers insight into the legal side of seeking justice after wrongful death, from a Personal Injury lawyer's perspective.

Wrongful death. It's difficult to think about the loss of a loved one. Even under natural circumstances (old age, after a long and happy life), It's difficult to think of losing someone close to us. However, when a person dies due to the recklessness of another, the surviving family suffers mentally and financially. This mental anguish brought upon the surviving family after wrongful death may entitle them to pursue legal action. A victim of wrongful death may be the sole income for their family. This leaves the family not only in emotional anguish, but in financial distress as well. When a...

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What is Product Liability Pertaining to Personal Injury?

This Shaked Law Firm article covers Product Liability. We provide the information necessary to make a smart purchase as a credible consumer!

Product liability exists to protect consumers! Sometimes when we buy something, no matter the marketing or how many friends have and rave about the product, it's still defective. Not only is this disappointing, it can be dangerous. In the worst-case scenario the product is a safety hazard to minors and the elderly. Regardless of age, defective products cause a number of injuries to consumers. What happens when a person sustains injuries during the normal use of a defective product? This Shaked Law Resource article covers information necessary to make a smart purchase. What is Strict Product Liability law?What does product liability do for...

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Mediation Didn’t Settle My Case, Now What?

Within this article, Shaked Law Firm answers questions clients often pose to their lawyer regarding a mediation that didn't result in a settlement

So, a client's case isn't settling via mediation? The insurance company refuses to offer a fair amount of compensation. What happens now? Where do lawyer and client venture from this point? When it comes to going the mediation route, there are a multitude of reasons to do so. The choice to use mediation usually comes down to three things, however. Time, cost, and efficiency. Personal Injury lawyers use mediation to save time. No client wants to wait years for compensation that can be of assistance today. Cost, because no client deserves to lose money to court fees unnecessarily. Furthermore, preparing for...

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