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Mental Anguish is Just as Painful as Physical Suffering

After an accident that results in physical pain, doctors, family members, and the victim themselves may believe the answer to their problem lies in medicine. However, the mental health of the victim should never be overlooked simply because it cannot be seen. During litigation, an expert witness such as a psychologist or mental health therapist may be called to testify, should the case go to trial.

Medical Bills After Accident: The Real Cost of Permanent Injury!

Medical bills for the average person have become costly in recent years. The average healthy American with basic insurance coverage through what was formerly known as the Affordable Care Act pays a high premium to simply stay healthy. Now, imagine the victim of an accident: after any type of accident in which a victim sustains lifelong pain and extensive, chronic injuries which require extended treatments and prescription drugs the monthly premiums, deductibles, and co-pays skyrocket.