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Damages in Class Action Lawsuits: Part 2

In Damages in Class Action Lawsuits: Part 1 we covered “compensatory damages” and what, under the law, those damages would cover if awarded to a victim (or victims, in class action litigation) by a judge. These compensatory damages included but were not limited to: medical treatment and expenses, lost income and/or lost wages that accrue due to the inability to work after sustaining an illness or injury to the negligence of another, and pain and suffering (a topic we’ve recently covered at length).

Damages in Class Action Lawsuits: Part 1

This week on The Law Resource our articles will cover class action lawsuits and the nuances that differentiate them from individual litigation. It’s important to know that the law handles a Class of individuals who come together to bring litigation differently than it handles an individual who files litigation against one person or a company, by themselves (after retaining a lawyer). There are good reasons for this demarcation and we begin our series with laying out one of the most important aspects of any class action litigation: damages.

Holiday Safety Guide: Safety Tips to Keep the Season Joyful!

In busy cities like Miami and all around the country in places like New York City and LA, the end of the year and the holiday season that accompanies it signifies a time to relax and rejuvenate. Whether it’s going out dancing with a group of friends or attending a holiday party, there’s a pretty high chance that alcohol will be involved at some point during the festivities.

Three Things Clients Do That Break A Case, And One That Makes It

Any attorney or doctor throughout the legal process that asks a client to lie or to distort the truth is not someone a client should continue to retain on their team, and clients should steer clear of lying at all costs. That’s why The Law Resource provides the most factual, truthful legal materials on the web. This article will serve to cover the top three things clients do that can break their case, and the one thing that can almost guarantee a favorable outcome.