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Damages in Negligent Security Lawsuits: Part 3

In our third and final installment of our Damages series, we’re going to delve into the subject of damages awarded in cases of negligent security and once again, touch briefly on how this can pertain to a Class of people. For reference, in this article we will use apartment building tenants who became victims of crime due to landlord negligence to secure his or her property with proper security measures as one of the several examples to be discussed.

Negligent Security Causes Black Friday Tragedies, Here’s How to Avoid it!

Black Friday is hands down the best time to shop for the holidays; the discounts are steep, the merchandise available is plentiful, and when looking to save money there’s no better day of the year to wake up early and get on line before the goods are gone. Unfortunately, the joy and excitement of the gift giving season can be quickly extinguished by acts of violence, assault, and crime.

Damages in Class Action Lawsuits: Part 2

In Damages in Class Action Lawsuits: Part 1 we covered “compensatory damages” and what, under the law, those damages would cover if awarded to a victim (or victims, in class action litigation) by a judge. These compensatory damages included but were not limited to: medical treatment and expenses, lost income and/or lost wages that accrue due to the inability to work after sustaining an illness or injury to the negligence of another, and pain and suffering (a topic we’ve recently covered at length).