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Here’s Why Hit and Run Accidents Don’t Disqualify Victims From Recovering Damages

Shaked Law Firm

When a driver flees the scene of a hit and run accident they are actively committing a crime, potentially a felony. The legal consequences for causing a hit and run accident may include specific penalties that can be incurred if another driver, biker, or pedestrian is hit and therefore sustain serious injuries. This writeup will explore the options available to those involved in hit and run accidents, and why these accidents do not immediately disqualify them from seeking legal recourse for their pain and suffering.

Drunk Driving Accident? Here’s What Personal Injury Lawyers Want Victims to Know!

When a person becomes injured or worse, is killed as a result of a drunk driver there are certain legal steps experienced Personal Injury lawyers want victims or in the event of a wrongful death, surviving family members to be familiar with. After catastrophic injury or death, it’s important to take every step in the legal process seriously. This will ensure the ability to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Florida’s Nursing Homes Are Required to Keep the Elderly Safe


Hurricane season is less than five months away. As much as we all hate the sound of those dire words, it’s important to prepare accordingly year round, especially if we have vulnerable family members such as grandparents or small children. We must be diligent in our preparations in the event of any natural disaster, especially when it comes to protecting the vulnerable elderly population. As Floridians, many of us native to the state, we’ve learned how to prepare our “just in case” supplies ahead of time and store them “for a rainy day”, hoping we won’t need to pull them out and use them.