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Who Are Defense Doctors in Personal Injury Cases?

A victim’s rights post-accident should always favor the maximum amount of compensation under the law. The lengthy process of seeing a case to the end takes the biggest toll on the client. After so much pain and suffering, another medical examination can be extremely stressful. Clients at the "mercy of" defense hired doctors factors into a lot of post-accident mental anguish. This writeup will provide our readers with everything they need to know about reaching this point in their case. Shaked Law Firm's purpose for this article is to provide facts necessary for those requiring a visit with a defense...

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What is Florida Commercial Trucking Insurance?

In this Shaked Law Firm article we will look at Florida commercial trucking insurance. These insurance policies are there to protect Florida truck drivers.

Sometimes, we may not anticipate the outcome of an auto accident. The best thing to do is protect ourselves preemptively. That’s what various types of auto insurance is for. In this Shaked Law Firm article we will look at Florida commercial trucking insurance. These insurance policies are in place to protect Florida truck drivers. Those enormous eighteen-wheelers traveling I-95 or the Turnpike every morning? Those are the ones! How is Florida protecting truck drivers? The same principle of necessity applies to those in the automotive and trucking profession. Whether contracted independently or employed by a federal carrier, those who deliver our Amazon...

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How Are Knee and Leg Injuries Treated?

Within this Shaked Law Firm article, we'll explore the legal and medical side of knee and leg injuries. How do these injuries affect quality of life?

While not usually life threatening, knee and leg injuries are some of the most painful. Knee and leg injuries can happen anywhere: work, pedestrian hit-and-run accidents, and falls on improperly maintained sidewalks or on wet floors without proper warning signs. After sustaining an injury to the knee or leg, a victim can find themselves lacking the athleticism and mobility they once had. These are particularly devastating to those who enjoy physical exercise: running, jogging, and playing basketball to name a few. The immobility knee and leg injuries cause, greatly reduce quality of life. This is especially true if an accident leaves...

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