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Legally Speaking, What is Accident Law?

Following a injuries or wrongful death, it’s important for a victim or their family to consult with a law firm. Shaked Law Firm explains Accident Law!

Accident law is a blanket term for the practice of law that protects those who sustain injuries due to the recklessness or negligence of another. Occasionally, actions with the sole intent to cause harm to another fall under the umbrella of Personal Injury Law. Whether it's a private citizen, business owner, or a healthcare professional, these acts of negligence or recklessness result in a risk to public safety. These acts can even cause wrongful death....

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What Are Punitive Damages in Personal Injury?

Shaked Law Firm explains why, when a client's injuries are so severe that policy limits are not sufficient, Punitive Damages may apply.

Sometimes, a Personal Injury case warrants more than policy limits. Policy limits meaning, the maximum amount of money the insurance company can provide without a trial. When a client's injuries are so severe that policy limits are not sufficient, Punitive Damages may apply. However, it takes a lawyer with years of experience to establish the necessity of Punitive Damages during trial. Awarding a victim Punitive Damages provides further compensation, while validating the pain, suffering, and mental anguish of the client. What are Compensatory Damages? Punitive Damages are necessary when the negligence of another is so horrific, that Compensatory Damages will not suffice....

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Why is Mental Anguish as Harmful as Physical Pain?

In this article Shaked Law Firm explains mental anguish, and why this affliction causes as much pain and suffering as physical injuries.

Mental anguish is as painful as physical injuries. After an accident resulting in pain and injury, the medical field provides prescription drugs and surgical procedures. This is adequate care, on the physical side. Physical injuries must receive treatment as quickly as possible. However, victims' mental health post-accident is not always a priority. This means the patient is receiving incomplete care. Recovering quality of life begins with physical injury healing, but involves mental health, too. From a legal standpoint, mental anguish occurs when, after injuries heal on the medical side, the victim still suffers emotionally. This means feelings of isolation, PTSD, flashbacks, and...

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