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Florida Trucking Accident Law: What is it?

truck on freeway

Florida trucking accident law has a massive impact on our daily commutes. We see commercial trucks out on Florida's roads and highways every day. However, we rarely think about what and who governs those driving them. When we get on a busy Miami highway, the sight of semis causing traffic jams is unmissable. While commercial trucks on our busy roads are the norm, laws that regulate their operations are much more complex. Statistics now show that each year, nearly 4,000 Americans suffer accidents with fatal injuries from truck drivers who fail to uphold the standard of care for public safety. What does...

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Personal Injury Law’s Important Purpose

personal injury claim pencil on paper claim form injury law attorney

To educate the public, Shaked Law Firm always explains the true purpose of Personal Injury Law. This includes the facts about recovering from auto accidents, brain injury, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, and more. The accidents and injuries occurring as a result of negligent or reckless actions, fall under the umbrella of Personal Injury Law. Whether it's a business entity or doctor, employee or private citizen, negligent actions result are a hazard to public safety. In the most severe instances, negligence causes wrongful death. The definition of Personal Injury Law “[...

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Why Do I Need a Florida Personal Injury Attorney with Board Certification?

Shaked Law Firm explains why Board Certification is a distinction that separates those who excel in Personal Injury from the "paper pushers".

When we think of “Board Certification”, what do we think of first? Doctors, surgeons, and professionals who uphold high standards of care for those they're responsible for. We think of "the best". The term itself signifies that a professional is one of the best at what they do in within profession. This Shaked Law Firm article explains the significance of "Board Certification", and what to look for when consulting with a Miami Personal Injury lawyer after an accident. What is Board Certification in Personal Injury Law? Board Certification is a distinction that separates those who excel in their field from their average...

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