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Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend, Here’s Why!

After an accident it’s important to remember that insurance companies are not your friend. No matter how nice their representatives may sound over the phone, or when they meet with accident victims face to face, this tactic is a falsehood. Insurance companies use smiling faces, glowing reviews, and savvy advertising to trick accident victims into thinking they’re on the same side. And victims should never fall for it!

Hernia Mesh Posed Life Threatening Risk to Patients, Class Action Litigation Followed

There are a dozen or more television commercials warning patients about the complications that come with “Hernia Mesh” and the life-threatening side effects they posed to patients who have undergone hernia mesh surgery. Patients have sustained such a staggering number of injuries over the course a decade that the safety of hernia mesh devices as well  surgical procedures used to place them has been heavily criticized and patients warned off undergoing the surgery whenever possible.

Mental Anguish After Accident is Serious and Lifelong for Victims


After an accident that results in a physical injury to the victim, the first step in the recovery process is medical stabilization. Medically stabilizing the victim after a serious car, motorcycle, or other accident should be top priority, and the focus until the patient is well enough to transition home from the hospital. Once the victim has been stabilized medically, it’s easy to paint the picture of wellness and moving forward with a restored quality of life. However, this should not be mistaken as the case.