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What Does a CRPS Diagnosis Really Mean?

This Shaked Law Firm article is a guide to help patients facing the pain and suffering of a CRPS diagnosis

A CRPS diagnosis can be a relief to many people. Now, that sounds impossible, right? How is possible to feel relief receiving a diagnosis? The answer is simple. Knowing pain and suffering is real, valid, and lending a name it, is a relief. Despite the relief a CRPS diagnosis may bring to a patient's mental state temporarily, the toll chronic pain takes on the mental health of a patient is immeasurable. Living with CRPS, a disease those suffering from it call "the suicide disease", is an endless nightmare of dead ends. The lack of "real" treatment available to CRPS patients means...

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How Does Bone Injury Affect Accident Recovery?

Bone injury can be due to car accident, motorcycle crash, workplace accident. Shaked Law Firm explains the legal and medical side of these injuries!

A bone injury is one of the most painful. Car accident, motorcycle accident, or workplace mishap. No matter the accident, victims may be unable to use a limb for an extended period of time. Sometimes bone injuries result in amputations. This ultimately results in lost wages and even possible job loss. Dealing with bone injuries, breaks, and fractures poses a period of extensive medical recovery. For victims to receive sufficient compensation for their injuries, we'll explain the types of bone injuries that occur as a result of accidents. Certain injuries may require a longer recovery period, thus extending a victim's pain and suffering...

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How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm? (2)

How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm?

When it comes to choosing the right Personal Injury Law Firm, the Statute of Limitations matters. No matter how exceptional the Firm, if a victim exceeds the Statute of Limitations, the case will not proceed. This is why the best Personal Injury law firms don't waste time. A great law firm will get the entire team working on Discovery, and obtaining "the book" of the client's life from the first day. After consultation, a great lawyer gets to work. In part 2 of How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm? Shaked Law Firm explains the importance of Discovery,...

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How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm?

How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Law Firm?

How do I choose the right Personal Injury Law firm? How do I know the firm is credible? When the negligence of another causes an accident with injuries, it's difficult to understand what comes next. Out of work, with lost wages and painful injuries, is there light at the end of the tunnel? The answer is a resounding yes! That is, when there's expert legal representation. Victims and family should never try fighting the insurance company alone. Doing this is sure to kill the case. Having the right Personal Injury lawyer, from a reputable law firm, makes all the difference. The Personal...

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