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What is the Purpose of “Personal Injury Law”?

2020's first article looks at the importantance of Personal Injury Law! Following accidents with injuries, it’s important to know how cases are compensated.

To kick off 2020, the Shaked Law Firm's Law Resource Blog wants to educate the public on the true purpose of Personal Injury Law. The accidents and injuries occurring as a result of negligent or reckless actions, fall under the Personal Injury Law umbrella. Whether it's a business or a doctor, negligent actions result in a direct risk to public safety. In the most severe instances, negligence causes wrongful death. Personal Injury Law's definition is the following: “[...

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What is Trucking Accident Law in Florida?

What is Trucking Accident Law in Florida?

Florida trucking accident law isn’t something we think of very often. Yet, we see commercial trucks out on Florida's roads and highways every day. When we get on the overcrowded Miami highways, or hit the Turnpike to get to work, the sight of eighteen wheelers causing traffic jams is hard to miss. While commercial trucks on our busy roads are the norm, the laws that regulate their safe commutes are more complicated. Statistics now show that each year, nearly 4,000 Americans suffer accidents with fatal injuries from truck drivers who fail to uphold the standard of care for public safety. What does...

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Who’s Liable in a DUI Accident With Injuries?

This Shaked Law Resource writeup will help to provide insight to an important aspect of drunk driving accidents: civil liability.

After a DUI accident with injuries, those responsible are liable for compensating the victim. Many people don't know tis-ishey can seek compensation after sustaining injuries in a DUI accident. However, civil liability is one of the most common consequences a drunk driver faces after causing harm to other drivers. This is especially true if injuries were sustained or property was damaged. It's important to retain a lawyer with Board Certification after a DUI accident. That is, after stabilizing from any injuries on the medical side. DUI accidents can happen to anyone. No matter how high a person believes their tolerance to...

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What are Florida’s Laws Surrounding a Wrongful Death?

What are Florida's Laws Surrounding a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is a tragedy under any circumstances. Losing a family member results in mental anguish for those left behind. When a person is in good health, only to pass away suddenly in an accident, it causes a great deal of shock to the entire family. This writeup answers the following questions: How does wrongful death occur?What's necessary for a claim to proceed?What is the "standard of proof" in Personal Injury Law?Can these cases really have "successful" outcomes? When a person is in good health, only to pass away suddenly in an accident, it causes a great deal of shock to the...

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