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Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Compensation – Part 2

In part one of Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Compensation we looked at the scope of a wrongful death lawsuit as it pertains to Personal Injury Law, and why only an experienced lawyer should see these cases to verdict. We also explained how damages are determined during trial, in regard to wrongful death. We delved into the differences between a lawsuit filed due to an accident and a lawsuit filed related to a death. Now, we'll take a deeper look at "pecuniary loss", expert testimony, and survival actions....

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Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Compensation – Part 1

Within the scope of a wrongful death lawsuit lies a nuanced, ethical approach to the law. While a family can never put a dollar amount on the loss of a loved one, and shouldn’t have to, there are still financial burdens that must be dealt with after death (in the most compassionate way possible). For this reason, it’s important to obtain Board Certified legal representation to help navigate both the judicial and financial aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit....

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Recklessness and Negligence in Personal Injury Law – Part 1: Recklessness

When someone’s conduct becomes so reckless it warrants litigation be brought against the person, he or she become what’s known colloquially as “liable”. This means he or she is responsible for injuries another person sustained due to a reckless act in which they engaged. Under the law there are four basic principles of liability: intent, recklessness, negligence, and strict liability. Depending on what form of litigation is pursued (mediation or trial), any number of these principles can leave the reckless party liable for pain and suffering caused by their actions.