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What is Settlement via Mediation for Personal Injury Clients?

What is a settlement, via Mediation? Shaked Law Firm thoroughly navigate the process of obtaining a settlement for clients in Personal Injury cases.

During mediation, a board certified civil trial lawyer will use their years of experience in both the courtroom and in the office to reach an agreement with the opposing party on the amount of compensation that's fair in regard to their client's serious injuries. This agreement, and the compensation it provides, is known as a settlement. ...

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How Do Lax Laws Lead to Motorcycle Accidents?

TBI can occur due to motorcycle accidents. Shaked Law Firm provides information to encourage wearing a helmet, despite Florida's lax laws.

Did you know Florida will not enforce motorcycle riders over the age of 21 to wear a helmet? This lax law is dangerous. How many times do we see someone riding a motorcycle without a helmet in Miami? While cruising on a bike can be a fun, enjoyable way to navigate busy Florida roads, most people don't protect themselves properly while doing so. Shaked Law Firm always stresses the importance of motorcycle safety here on our blog. Unfortunately, Florida motorcycle helmet laws are so lenient, they lull motorcyclists into a false sense of security! This article is an informational attempt to change...

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How Do Patients Achieve CRPS Diagnosis After Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article on CRPS (formerly RSD) delves into achieving a diagnosis and managing expectations of prognosis in CRPS patients.

CRPS (formerly RSD) affects every patient differently. It’s estimated that 90% of those with a CRPS diagnosis suffer from Type I. The remaining 10% of patients suffer from Type II. What is a reasonable prognosis for CRPS patients? This Shaked Law Firm Blog article on CRPS (formerly RSD) delves into achieving a diagnosis and managing expectations of prognosis in CRPS patients. At the end of this article, the audience will find links to further reading on CRPS via the Shaked Law Firm Blog. How is an accurate CRPS diagnosis made? It's difficult, but not impossible for those suffering symptoms of CRPS to receive an accurate...

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What is the Link Between Concussion and Resulting Brain Injury?

This Shaked Law Firm article explains the link between concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries after an accident.

The danger in a concussion injury hides in the inability to see it! Time is always of the essence when dealing with any type of Traumatic Brain Injury, and no blow to the head should ever be left untreated simply because the victim isn't actively experiencing a "headache". Concussions are silent killers, and any blow to the head whether on the football field or from a car accident, requires transport to the hospital as soon as possible....

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