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Fireworks Displays Pose a Safety Risk, Here’s How to Stay Safe

The upcoming 4th of July holiday brings families from all over the country together to celebrate America. Aside from food, the number one activity families participate in together is watching firework displays. These intricate displays are meant to celebrate our Independence Day in a big and extravagant way. While firework shows are a can't-miss summer event, it's important to educate yourself and your family on firework-safety, should you choose to put on your own firework show for friends and family.


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How is Physical Pain Post Accident Delaying Recovery?


Physical pain post accident can be severe and permanent if not treated properly. Permanent pain can cost a victim their Quality of Life as well as financially in the form of lost wages should the accident render them unable to return to work quickly, and in some cases, at all. Often, though, victims of catastrophic accidents such as car and motorcycle accidents will attempt to deny or hide their pain hoping it might go away or lessen in time. Insurance companies have conditioned victims of accidents to fear not being believed. This is how they get away with not properly compensating beneficiaries.

This deceit is another reason (as we previously discussed in Personal Injury Lawyers’ Top 3 Reasons For Legal Representation After Accident) why accident victims must act quickly to retain a Board Certified lawyer who knows how to take on the insurance companies before they can strike any fear into those who have become injured by no fault of their own in an accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another. Attempting to fight the insurance company alone, while in severe physical pain, only delays recovery and victims should never think they have to do this.

How Are Knee and Leg Injuries Treated After Accident?


While considered a non life-threatening injury, knee and leg injuries are some of the most painful a victim involved in an accident can sustain. Knee and leg injuries can happen anywhere: work, pedestrian hit-and-run accidents, and falls on improperly maintained sidewalks or on wet floors without proper warning signs. After sustaining an injury to the knee or leg, a victim can find themselves lacking the athleticism and mobility they once had. These injuries are particularly devastating to those who enjoy physical exercise: running, jogging, and playing basketball to name a few.

How Does Hotel Liability Keep Vacationing Guests Safe?

Summer is officially upon us, and most of us in Florida are already feeling the sweltering heat of the season reaching the triple digits. Regardless of the scorching heat, Florida is where many tourists choose to spend their summer vacation. Whether it's a trip to Walt Disney World, one of our dozens of beautiful white sand beaches, or the nightlife of Miami Beach, it's more than likely we'll be checking into a hotel for the duration of our stay. While we like to think of hotels as safe and clean, with adequate safety measures in place so as not to...

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