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What Is Physician-Patient Privilege?

This Shaked Law Firm article explains why Physician-patient privilege is a serious matter. HIPAA specifies guidelines for maintaining patient privacy.

Physician-patient privilege is a serious matter. HIPAA specifies guidelines for maintaining patient privacy even posthumously. While a patient is living and receiving healthcare, statutes surrounding physician-patient privilege protect a patient’s medical records. This is per official HIPAA guidelines and any laws applicable in the state the patient resides. In the case of this article, we'll explore the state of Florida's specific guidelines relating to physician-patient privilege when the patient dies....

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What is Cruise Ship Liability Law?

This Shaked Law Firm article covers cruise ship liability. What is liability? Who is at-fault? Personal Injury lawyers must have experience in Maritime Law!

What is cruise ship liability? Whether traveling by air, land, or sea, it's not often we stop to think about the possibility of something going wrong while traveling. Accidents can happen anywhere. Sometimes hotels fail to keep guests safe. It's in these cases that accidents happen due to the negligence of another. These are instances where accidents occur and we are not at-fault. In such cases, when injuries occur, another party is liable. Accidents which fall under "liability", are what Personal Injury attorneys know to be more difficult than others due to the high burden of proof necessary. When it comes to...

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Why is Hotel Liability a Public Safety Risk?

In this article from the Shaked Law Firm, we present everything there is to know about hotel liability and preventing accidents from occurring on vacation.

Hotel liability. What comes to mind when this term arises? Never heard of it? Keep reading! In many parts of the country Spring Break is upon us. Although most in South Florida see the state as a year-round vacation. Aside from the heat, Spring Break is the time of year when everyone has relaxation on their mind. Whether it's taking a trip Walt Disney World, or to any of Florida's beautiful beaches, we'll be staying in a hotel. It reduces stress to think of hotels as clean, relaxing home-away-homes where everything is taken care of. Unfortunately, some hotels disregard the...

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What is Disc Herniation, Back, and Spine Injury?

Within this Shaked Law Firm article we'll provide the information necessary to fully understand the painful reality of disc herniation

A painful injury that's less frequently discussed, but causes a great deal of pain for those affected (either due to accident, medical malpractice, or trauma), is what's known as a herniated disk injury. Within this Shaked Law Resource article we'll provide the information you need to fully understand the painful reality of herniated disks and several other back and spine injuries, as well as the lengths an accident victim may have to go to achieve pain relief....

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