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In Negligent Security Cases, How Does Plaintiff Prove Fault?

Business owners and landlords must put the safety of customers, employees, and tenants above all else! Shaked Law Firm explains Negligent Security in-depth.

Negligent security cases are fought by Personal Injury lawyers every day. None of us are immune to this dangerous mistake property owners make. Thus, we can all pay for this carelessness at any given time. When an employee arrives to do their job, or has reason to be at a residence or business, safety must be priority. Accidental shootings, stabbings, and assaults resulting in permanent injury and fatalities are more likely happen when a business owner or landlord fails to secure their property....

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How is Economic Recovery Achieved After Accident?

Economic Recovery is an important aspect of Personal Injury cases with serious injuries.Shaked Law Firm explains it's importance.

Economic Recovery is something many victims are unaware of. After sustaining injuries due to an accident, it's important to seek expert legal advice as quickly as reasonably possible. This means, once a victim stabilizes on the medical side, the next step is seeking Personal Injury representation. Depending on the severity of injuries, and prognosis made by doctors, victims may qualify for extra compensation. Economic Recovery is possible. Consulting a lawyer with Board Certification is the only way to guarantee the full compensation a victim deserves. What can Economic Recovery do for Personal Injury clients? Economic Recovery is a complicated, but necessary aspect of...

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When Does Mediation Factor into Personal Injury Cases?

Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers are not paper pushers, and when they advise accepting a settlement, the offer is legitimate. Shaked Law Firm explains Mediation.

Dating back to Ancient Rome, lawsuits that take place in a civil court are preferential to trials in court. In modern times, this method includes Personal Injury cases (Civil Law). When thinking of a lawsuit, we think "courtroom" and "judge". However, there may be downsides of cases rushing straight to trial. Usually, going to trial is not the first method of litigation, according to Personal Injury experts. Lawyers with more experience have clients in mind, not the idea of forcing unnecessarily long litigation. That's why Mediation exists. What is Mediation? "Mediation” is necessary to avoid a lengthy trial. However, if trial is...

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