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What Are Surgical Errors?

Surgical errors can occur during any surgery. Complex or straightforward. If the surgeon is in a hurry, negligent, or lacks experience, there is room for error.

Surgical errors make already painful injuries worse.After an accident resulting in injuries requiring surgery, life is on hold. Lost wages, job loss; these are common outcomes. For this reason, after sustaining injuries a victim should be able to return to a comfortable, pain free life without extra time recovering. However, for injuries resulting from an accident or surgical error requiring more surgery to restore quality of life, recovering maximum compensation is a necessity. That's where a Florida accident attorney comes in. Always consult with a Personal Injury law firm after becoming the victim of a surgical error. Without proper compensation, it's difficult...

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If Mediation Doesn’t Settle My Case, What Happens?

Within this informative article, Shaked Law Firm answers questions clients ask their lawyer regarding a mediation that's not resulting in a settlement.

So, a client's case isn't settling through mediation? The insurance company refuses to offer a fair amount of compensation. The client is dealing with pain and suffering that requires adequate financial recovery. What happens now?Where does a lawyer take the case?Will the case move to court or trial? When it comes to pursuing mediation, there are numerous reasons to do so. The choice to use mediation usually comes down to three things, however. Time, cost, and efficiency. Personal Injury lawyers use mediation to save time. Mediation assures that no one is cutting corners. Most of the time, settlements during mediation are fair....

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What is Negligence in Personal Injury Law?

What are the elements of negligence in Personal Injury Law? Shaked Law Firm explains at length within the context of this article.

A well known area of Personal Injury Law is negligence. Negligence can occur anywhere, anytime, and when a person comes to harm, they may want to pursue litigation in order to compensate pain and suffering. Wrongful Death cases are often a result of negligence. However, just because this is an area of the law commonly seen by top Personal Injury lawyers, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy one to navigate....

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What is Recklessness in Personal Injury Law?

Recklessness involves a lack of conduct to such a level that is short of actual intent to cause harm but exceeds negligence. Shaked Law Firm explains.

Usually, recklessness warrants litigation against the responsible party. The responsible party is liable. This means they are responsible for injuries another person sustains when they choose to be careless. Under the law there are four principles of liability. These principles are: intent, recklessness, negligence, and strict liability. Depending on the form of litigation, any of these principles leaves the reckless party liable for pain and suffering....

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