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How Does Surviving Family Navigate Florida Wrongful Death?

While it may seem straightforward, Wrongful Death litigation is complicated. Shaked Law Firm provides insight into navigating Wrongful Death claims.

How do Florida Wrongful Death cases affect surviving family? It's difficult to think about the loss of a family member. Even under natural circumstances (old age, after a long and happy life), loss is difficult to navigate. However, when a person dies due to the recklessness of another, surviving family suffers immensely. This mental anguish brought upon surviving family after Wrongful Death can entitle them to pursue a Personal Injury claim. A victim of Wrongful Death may be the sole income for their family. The death leaves the family not only in emotional anguish as a result, but also in financial...

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How Do Motorcycle Accidents Impact the Brain?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides a thorough discussion concerning the long-term effects of TBI after Florida motorcycle accidents.

Florida Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading cause of fatal injuries on the road. Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous of all road injuries in the US. This is in large part due to a blow to the skull causing severe trauma. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet exposes riders to exponential risks. Some of these risks include permanent brain damage and fatalities. What risks do motorcycle accidents pose to the brain? This Shaked Law Firm Blog article provides a clear picture of motorcycle accidents and co-occurring Traumatic Brain Injury. Within this article, we discuss the long-term effects of TBI. First,...

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What is Pain and Suffering’s True Cost?

Accident victims are unfairly paying for their pain and suffering! Both financially, and through long periods of mental anguish. When one puts the average American's healthcare cost up against the victim of an accident, the difference is staggering. Health insurance that covers the cost of sustaining severe injuries as a result of an accident forces a victim into financial ruin. This can happen to anyone, if the victim was, at one time, financially stable. Beyond physical pain and suffering post accident, medical bills are financially devastating. Accidents are expensive, and that's not the victim's fault. It should not fall...

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Update: Who Has Liability in Florida Accident Cases?

What is liability in Personal Injury? After sustaining injuries as a result of someone else’s actions, the person responsible may be liable. Find out why!

Liability. When a person sustains injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, the person responsible for their physical injury may be liable for those actions. Only a Personal Injury lawyer with Board Certification should advise clients on what actions to take when their injuries are the cause of another....

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