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Car Accidents – Florida’s Most Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents


Catastrophic car accidents are on the rise in overcrowded cities like Miami, and all over South Florida. People rush to get from place-to-place and never once consider other drivers on the road that they must be mindful of.

So what happens after an accident in which a motorist acted recklessly on the road and a victim suffers serious injuries or the loss of a loved one? Shaked Law Firm’s trusted car accident lawyers protect the rights of those who have suffered the negligence of motorists who chose to drive carelessly, consume alcohol and get behind the wheel, or caused a hit-and-run. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our motor vehicle-injured clients.

What happens after a serious car accident?


For every safe driver, there is another, less responsible driver on the road trying to get somewhere too quickly by running a red light, distracted by texting and driving, or failing to signal when changing lanes because the child in the back seat is misbehaving. Whatever the reason for such negligence, accidents where the severely injured party is not the one at fault do happen.

After a car accident that causes bodily injuries and/or damage to the vehicle, a victim must seek medical attention right away. The physical health of the victim is the most important aspect of recovery, and should be attended to as quickly as possible. After physical injuries are addressed and the victim is stable, they must file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In the event of a wrongful death or in the event the victim is unable to act on their own behalf, a family member may proceed for them.

After filing a claim, the at-fault driver’s insurer repairs the victim’s vehicle, or if it’s totaled in the accident, they will cover the cost of the car, the victim’s medical expenses, and any financial losses incurred because of the accident for which the victim was not at-fault. However, it’s not usually as simple as filing a claim. Insurance companies will never allow an injured victim to walk away with the compensation they rightfully deserve without a fight. That’s why our car accident lawyers are ready to represent those who have been given the runaround, the old game of deny, delay, don’t pay the insurance companies hope will force victims to give up.

Shaked Law Firm’s accident lawyers never give up the fight until we’ve successfully obtained fair compensation for our clients.



Why do I need a car accident lawyer after becoming injured in an accident?


There are times when things don’t go smoothly (because motor vehicle accidents are tragic, scary, and cause painful injuries) and a victim must retain an experienced car accident lawyer to best assist them with the financial side of their recovery. Sometimes the driver at fault is underinsured and in the worst-case scenario, the driver takes off before law enforcement can make the exchange of information between the parties. This leaves an unsuspecting victim with a totaled vehicle and very little financial recourse (and a lot of medical bills). It’s important to seek proper legal advice from our Florida car accident lawyers should a victim find themselves in this situation.



Florida’s driving population needs experienced car accident lawyers


After becoming injured by a negligent or careless driver, it’s important to retain a lawyer with decades of hands-on experience in and out of the courtroom. Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined in-the-trenches experience. Whether it’s fighting for the motor vehicle accident compensation those injured by no fault of their own rightfully deserve, or preparing our clients for a successful mediation, Shaked Law Firm’s car accident lawyers never settle for less than the justice those we represent deserve.

Contact our Car Accident Lawyers today for a free consultation; there’s no obligation!

What do Floridians need to do to protect themselves before and after a car accident?


Shaked Law Firm’s Florida car accident lawyers have been in the trenches, at trial, with hundreds of clients who have sustained serious and catastrophic injuries after a motor vehicle accident for which they were not at-fault. We know what it takes to obtain the most compensation on behalf of our clients. After years of successful car accident litigation resulting in multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, we know what works.


  • Bodily Injury Liability:
    This insurance policy provides what it says, no hidden meaning: Bodily injury liability is insurance coverage that protects a driver in the event they sustain a bodily injury in a car accident, or accidentally injure another person while behind the wheel (negligence could come into play in this instance, depending on the claim and the specifics that must be discussed with one of our car accident lawyers).
  • Personal Injury Protection (a/k/a “PIP”):
    PIP coverage allows anyone covered by such a policy to file their own PIP claim with their insurance carrier (as opposed to the other party’s insurance carrier). Then, each driver involved the accident’s own insurer will pay their insured’s damages up to what’s allowable in the state they reside. When bodily injury expenses are in excess of that amount, the injured party can then proceed to file a lawsuit directly against the other driver said to have caused the accident.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage:
    This coverage will foot the bill in the event that a driver causes damage another person’s property (such as another vehicle, a damaged lawn, a knocked over mailbox). In addition, Property Damage Liability Coverage can protect a driver from paying out of pocket for damaging other, public property as such: phone lines, poles, and storefronts.
  • Collision Coverage:
    In the event that a car is completely totaled after an accident, this coverage is there to provide a financial cushion to bear the burden of having to replace a vehicle out of pocket, which most drivers cannot afford to do. This coverage also provides necessary protection should the vehicle be known to flip–Jeep drivers have been frequent victims of this type of accident, and it can often result in fatalities. Collision Coverage policies also protect against road damage such as potholes and other road construction-related accidents that could cause damage to the car and driver.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    Car accident lawyers agree that this is the most important type of coverage to carry. Comprehensive Coverage policies usually reimburse drivers for theft (of the car and/or items totaling a certain amount left in the vehicle), vandalism, car fires, and any other unforeseen damages that couldn’t be prevented. This coverage also protects drivers from paying out of pocket for damage caused by anything other than a collision with another car. This can include unforeseen circumstances such as: floods, hail damage, falling objects, and objects that come into contact with the car and cause damage (such as a golf ball).
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage:
    This coverage is a must, according to the most experienced accident lawyers. This policy covers the driver in the event of another driver’s choice to act negligently on the road. Should a driver who caused the accident have made the careless decision not to carry adequate insurance coverage, or worse, are completely uninsured, this coverage will protect a driver from having to pay for that careless decision.
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage:
    When the at-fault driver doesn’t have the coverage necessary to pay for totaling another driver’s car, this is the coverage a driver will not want to be without. Additionally, this coverage provides protections in the event a person is hit by a negligent driver or sustains any bodily injuries as a result of another driver who chose to act recklessly.