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Mediation Didn’t Settle My Case, Now What?

Within this article, Shaked Law Firm answers questions clients often pose to their lawyer regarding a mediation that didn't result in a settlement

So, a client's case isn't settling via mediation? The insurance company refuses to offer a fair amount of compensation. What happens now? Where do lawyer and client venture from this point? When it comes to going the mediation route, there are a multitude of reasons to do so. The choice to use mediation usually comes down to three things, however. Time, cost, and efficiency. Personal Injury lawyers use mediation to save time. No client wants to wait years for compensation that can be of assistance today. Cost, because no client deserves to lose money to court fees unnecessarily. Furthermore, preparing for...

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What is the Legal Side of Liability?

When a victim sustains injuries as a result of someone else’s actions, the person at-fault is the “liable” party. Shaked Law Firm explains liability!

What is the legal side of liability? When a victim sustains injuries as a result of someone else’s actions, the person at-fault is the “liable” party. A lawyer with Board Certification should be the first person a victim consults with, on the legal side, when it becomes clear that their injuries were potentially the fault of another. How does the Statute of Limitations pertain to liability? When a person sustain injuries due to another person's unreasonable behavior, there may be grounds for litigation. The only person with qualifications to determine this is a lawyer with Board Certification. Experience in the area of Personal...

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Does Disfigurement Contribute to Pain and Suffering?

Does Disfigurement Contribute to Pain and Suffering?

After a traumatic accident in which a person falls victim to disfigurement, many fall prey to the mental anguish that follows. When an injured victim undergoes physical changes due to an accident for which they were not at-fault, the mental pain they must endure throughout their recovery, and often for the rest of their lives, cannot have a dollar amount placed upon it. However, they are entitled to compensation regardless, and should receive the maximum amount allowed by law....

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