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FMCSR: Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Your Rights

Most truck-related accidents involve some violation in safety regulations. Your board certified civil trial attorney will passionately pursue those violations to obtain compensation on your behalf. When it comes to the law in an Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cases involving negligent truck drivers, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (or FMCSR) are crucial to establishing liability and thereby negligence in a personal injury case.

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FMCSA: Motor Carrier Safety in Our Daily Lives

The FMCSA is responsible for all aspects of the truck drivers and their cargo that take to the highways everyday. In our everyday lives we don’t often think about all the rules and regulations that go into keeping this country not only running smoothly but that are there to keep the public-at-large safe. Public safety is something we unknowingly take for granted because it’s expected to be there.

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