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Economic Recovery after TBI: How Victims and Families Get Back on Their Feet After Serious Injury

Economic recovery is something victims and their families are often unaware they’re entitled to before retaining legal counsel to represent them after an accident. After suffering an accident as severe as a traumatic brain injury, there is a plethora of reasons one may be able to obtain compensation. Depending on the severity of the TBI and the prognosis made by medical professionals (known as “expert witnesses” in a court of law), and any other injuries suffered as a result of the accident, victims may qualify for a variety of legal compensation. A board certified civil trial attorney is the best way for...

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Dram Shop Laws Keep the Public Safe, Alcohol Out of the Hands of Minors

Dram shop laws are similar, but not entirely the same as another topic we’ve investigated here on the blog known as social host liability. Both of these laws are in place to discourage willingly serving alcohol to someone who is obviously already under the influence. However, this is not the only reason dram shop laws were enacted.

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