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Patients Who Sought Hernia Treatment Only Found Devastating Complications

You may have seen the ominous television commercials warning patients about the risks of "Hernia Mesh" and the life-threatening side effects they pose to patients who have had them surgically implanted. Patients have sustained so many injuries over the course of the last decade that the safety of the device has been called into question. While a number of television commercials are dramatic, meant for shock value, and to draw a profit from viewers, the commercials about Hernia Mesh Implants provide accurate information meant to inform.

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IVC Filters: Hidden Dangers Patients Weren’t Aware Of

As of December 2015, the manufacturer of the IVC Filter–Inferior Vena Cava Filter–was responsible for 30 deaths as a result of a product defect, that even when replaced with a "modified" device, still behaved in the same way, and caused the same life-threatening issues. An IVC Filter, when working correctly, according to Johns Hopkins was created to "[...

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Gadolinium: Thousands of People Underwent MRIs, Thousands Were Poisoned

Every year hundreds of thousands of patients across the United States undergo MRI–magnetic resonance imaging–for a wide array of medical problems. MRIs with and without contrast are a noninvasive procedure routinely utilized in the healthcare field to provide a better understanding of various pathology and soft tissue within the body. Doctors order MRIs for everything from torn ligaments of the knee to the most life-threatening illnesses such as Alzheimer's and cancer. No matter why the scan is ordered, most will be conducted using a contrast agent. Contrast agents help radiologists better visualize the area of concern and report back clearer...

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What is Class Action? What Does it Mean for the People?

The idea of a Class Action lawsuit may be familiar to many people due to the constant inundation of television commercials touting the phrase "have you been injured by Drug Name Here?" However, many of us aren't familiar with what, exactly, a Class Action lawsuit entails, and how complicated it can get when there are multiple defendants AND multiple plaintiffs. Class Action, for the most part, was created to make a lawsuit easier when there are too many "plaintiffs" to be included in the standard Personal Injury lawsuit.

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