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Update: What is Quadriplegia? Can Patients Recover?

Shaked Law Firm offers updated information regarding quadriplegia, and the resulting medical care necessary for injuries resulting in paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries as a result of an accident damage the central nervous system ("CNS"). The central nervous system is found within the spinal canal and suffers catastrophic consequences when vertebrae, spinal cord, or disks sustain trauma. The spinal cord's function is to allow every system in the body to function in perfect harmony. However, trauma resulting in permanent damage to the spinal cord can cause quadriplegia. This Shaked Law Firm article offers updated information regarding quadriplegia, and the resulting medical care necessary for injuries resulting in paralysis. What is quadriplegia? Quadriplegia is paralysis of all four limbs. This paralysis results in complete...

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What Should CRPS Patients Do After Diagnosis?

CRPS (formerly RSD) affects every patient differently. It’s estimated that 90% of those with a CRPS diagnosis suffer from Type I. The remaining 10% of patients suffer from Type II. From our very first article on CRPS, we always stressed that those suffering symptoms of this debilitating disease should consult with a Board Certified lawyer. After consulting with medical professionals, CRPS patients may have grounds for litigation if diagnosis is a result of an accident or Malpractice. What is the diagnosis and prognosis for CRPS patients? This Shaked Law Firm Blog article on CRPS delves into diagnosis and prognosis of CRPS patients. At...

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CRPS and Medical Malpractice, What’s the Link?

There is a link between Medical Malpractice and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly RSD). Shaked Law Firm explains Medical Malpractice resulting in CRPS.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome  affects every victim who suffers from it differently. Although no less painfully. Doctors estimate that 90% of those with a diagnosis of CRPS suffer from Type I (without visualized nerve injury). The remaining 10% of victims of this suicide-inducing disease suffer from Type II (with a determinable nerve injury)....

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In Negligent Security Cases, How Does Plaintiff Prove Fault?

Business owners and landlords must put the safety of customers, employees, and tenants above all else! Shaked Law Firm explains Negligent Security in-depth.

Negligent security cases are fought by Personal Injury lawyers every day. None of us are immune to this dangerous mistake property owners make. Thus, we can all pay for this carelessness at any given time. When an employee arrives to do their job, or has reason to be at a residence or business, safety must be priority. Accidental shootings, stabbings, and assaults resulting in permanent injury and fatalities are more likely happen when a business owner or landlord fails to secure their property....

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