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What is Hotel Liability?

In a matter of days Summer will officially be upon us, although most of us in Florida are already feeling the sweltering heat of the season. Aside from the heat, Summer is known for being a time of BBQ, swimming, sun, and of course, vacation. Whether we take that yearly trip to Walt Disney World, or go farther away, we're most likely to stay at a hotel. We like to think of hotels as clean, relaxing home-away-homes where everything is taken care of and all we have to focus on is that much needed R&R. Unfortunately, hotels in recent...

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Why Are Herniated Disks a Cause for Concern?

One injury that's not discussed frequently, but causes a great deal of pain for accident victims, is what's known as a herniated disc. Within this Shaked Law Blog article we'll provide the information you  need to fully understand the painful reality of this type of injury and the lengths an accident victim may have to go to achieve pain relief.

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Negligent Security: After Injury, How Does a Plaintiff Prove Fault?

Negligent security can happen to anyone, anywhere. None of us are immune to this dangerous mistake business and property owners make, and we can all pay for this carelessness at any given time. When one is hired to do a job, or has reason to be at a residence or business, their safety must be ensured. Accidental shootings, stabbings, and assaults resulting in permanent injury and fatalities are more likely happen when a business owner or landlord fails to secure their property.  These business owners and landlords must put the safety of their customers, employees, and tenants above all...

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Moving This Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know About Moving Truck Safety!

Summer is just weeks away and the kids are out of school, work might be winding down for the season, and you’re planning that big move to your dream home. The boxes are packed, the kids are excited about new adventures, and you? You’re just stressed out! Because let’s face it: moving is a hassle. Picking up the family and moving to a brand new house whether it’s one mile or a thousand miles away is a pain. The last thing you need is a problem with the moving truck. Unfortunately accidents happen, but you can be as prepared...

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