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Why Do Lawyers Turn Down Cases? Hint: It’s Not Personal!

A great deal of lawyers will offer potential clients a free case evaluation or free consultation to get a better picture of the legal issue at hand. An initial consultation, it should be noted, doesn't qualify an attorney-client relationship. In fact, there are instances where a lawyer will offer his or her time free of charge for a case evaluation and then decide not to take on the case after all. This line of decision-making has nothing to do with "liking" the potential client, even if the client feels they're being "turned away"; that's simply not the case (every...

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What is a Product Recall? Here’s What Informed Consumers Need to Know!

Depending on state and local regulations the process leading to the recall of a product varies widely. Concerned consumers should always look to the official FDA and Product Recall websites for the most updated information. However, this is a standardized process by which the federal government issues its recalls when a product is found to have a dangerous defect or food is found to pose a health risk.

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Talcum Powder Was a Woman’s Staple, Now the Manufacturer is Being Sued For Withholding Health Risks

A decades-old brand of popular talcum powder that was once a woman's household staple has come under fire in recent years for the manufacturer's withholding of damaging documentation that could've saved thousands of lives and prevented as many from suffering diagnoses of ovarian cancer after using the product for an extended period of time. So, why did the manufacturer withhold scientific studies linked to undeniable proof that women who utilized their talcum powder as part of a daily hygiene routine were at a higher risk for ovarian cancer? The answer may just lie in the fact that for large...

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What Your Lawyer is Doing When They’re Not Calling You Back

If there's a level of trust instilled between attorney and client, the attorney knows what he or she needs to do and has an entire team (legal assistants, paralegals, and seasoned associates) to get the job done. A client won't need to call or text an attorney they trust multiple times a day, just to "check in" and "see how it's going" if they've researched their chosen law firm, it's reputable, and they've handled similar cases.

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