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Three Things Clients Do That Break A Case, And One That Makes It

Any attorney or doctor throughout the legal process that asks a client to lie or to distort the truth is not someone a client should continue to retain on their team, and clients should steer clear of lying at all costs. That’s why The Law Resource provides the most factual, truthful legal materials on the web. This article will serve to cover the top three things clients do that can break their case, and the one thing that can almost guarantee a favorable outcome.

The Law After Tragic Loss: A Follow-Up


Wrongful death. It’s difficult to think about the loss of a loved one; under the most natural of circumstances (old age, after a long and happy life), but when a family member loses their life due to the recklessness of another, the victim’s surviving family members are left in turmoil. This mental anguish brought upon the surviving family after the loss of a loved one due to sudden tragedy may provide them the right to legal action.

Your Case Didn’t Settle in Mediation, What Happens Now?

When it comes to choosing mediation to “argue” a Personal Injury related case, there are many advisable reasons to go this route. The choice to use mediation if it suits the case at hand can speed up the legal process, provide a more concise handling of the case, and save some money (although the latter reason should not be the biggest factor when a client’s well-being is at stake).