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Shaked Surgical Series Part 3: CRPS After Medical Malpractice

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”) affects every victim who suffers from it differently–although no less painfully. Doctors estimate that 90% of those with a diagnosis of CRPS suffer from Type I (without visualized nerve injury), while the remaining 10% of victims of this suicide-inducing disease suffer from Type II (with visualized nerve injury).

Shaked Surgical Series Part 2: Spinal Cord Stimulators Provide Pain Relief, But What’s the Cost?

Spinal cord injuries as a result of an accident damage the delicate central nervous system. The central nervous system is found deep within the spinal canal and can suffer catastrophic consequences when vertebrae, spinal cord, or disks sustain injury during trauma such as car and motorcycle accidents. The spinal cord’s function is to allow every system in the body to function in perfect harmony.

Shaked Surgical Series Part 1: Delayed Recovery, Herniated Disks, CRPS

After an accident that causes injuries to the extent that a surgical intervention is the only option available to the victim that could bring about recovery, life gets put on hold. Lost wages, job loss, and isolation from family and friends post-accident are all common occurrences. Thus, after most injuries a victim should be able to return to daily life after a short healing period.

Helicopter Accidents Are Almost Always Fatal, Avoidable

It’s a rule of thumb that the smaller the vessel passengers utilize for travel, the more likely an accident is to occur. The mechanics of smaller vessels such as helicopters are not meant for traveling long distances, because the risk of failure increases exponentially the longer the craft is in the air. Of any method of air travel, helicopters in particular have one of the highest rates of mechanical failure resulting in fatalities.