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A Closer Look At Physical Pain After Accident

Post-accident pain is no laughing matter. Often, though, victims of serious accidents such as motor vehicle and motorcycle collisions will attempt to hide their pain hoping it might go away or lessen in time–due to the fear of not being believed and properly compensated for the amount of pain they’ve endured. Most times, however, it doesn’t lessen with time, nor does it completely resolve. This is another reason (as we previously discussed in The Top 5 Reasons Accident Victims Need a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney why accident victims must act quickly to retain a board certified civil trial attorney. Attempting to fight the insurance company alone, while in severe physical pain, should never be an option to consider.

The Mental Anguish of Disfigurement After Accident


After a life-altering accident many victims fall prey to the depression and mental anguish that accompanies their injuries. When an injured victim undergoes physical changes due to an accident for which they were not at-fault, the mental pain they must endure throughout their recovery, and often for the rest of their lives, cannot have a dollar amount placed upon it. However, they are entitled to compensation regardless, and should receive the maximum amount allowed by law.

Cyber Safety: Protecting Kids and Teens Online is Everyone’s Responsibility

Over the last decade, cell phones and laptops have become as commonplace as TVs in our homes. Younger and younger children are being given unrestricted access to the internet and all that comes with it. iPhones and iPads are prime for apps like SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and have become the fabric of teenage social lives across the country.

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Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay: Insurance Companies Are Hurting Accident Victims With This Common Tactic

The insurance industry in the United States boasts one of the largest budgets in the country. Insurance company CEOs and CFOs are paid in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year and the profits seen by these companies average nearly $20-$30 billion per year. That’s a lot of money. Where is it going? Who does it really “benefit”? This lapse of transparency is where accident victims get hurt. Insurance companies receive monthly premiums that are meant to bolster the protection provided to accident victims in the event of a catastrophe. Then, when catastrophe strikes, the insurance company is...

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