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Commercial Trucking Insurance for Florida’s Trucking Carriers, Operators

In busy cities like Miami, Florida our daily lives move quickly. We don’t often think that an accident can occur in the blink of an eye, and that we may not be prepared for the outcome. That’s what insurance policies are in place for. In our car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and health insurance write-ups we’ve given our readers everything they need to know on these personal insurance policies. Now, we’re set to delve into another form of insurance, this one more specialized and not often explored: commercial trucking insurance.

Florida’s Rise in Truck Accidents Can Be Avoided, and Here’s How

While commercial vehicles such as cargo trucks and big-box delivery trucks are commonplace on Florida highways, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held responsible for a high percentage of devastating car accidents happening more often with every passing year. When we see these large freighters, most of the time we keep driving, desensitized to their place on our busy roads. Children may even wave to drivers, fascinated by the large machinery!

It should be clear: safe driving practices are anything but child’s play, and everyone’s responsibility. It becomes a public safety hazard when other drivers haven’t familiarized themselves with, or simply choose to ignore the rules of the road when finding themselves sharing it with a large truck.

Choosing the Right Accident Lawyer is Important, and Here’s Why!

After sustaining serious injuries in an accident, it may be difficult to understand what happens next. A victim is in pain, the medical bills are piling up, and the road to physical recovery may seem endless. The same can be said for trying to understand the legal system. A victim and their family should never attempt to forge it alone, without a credible, experienced accident lawyer at the forefront.

What is Misdiagnosis? Personal Injury Lawyers Protect Clients When Docs Get It Wrong

Malpractice: we’ve seen the true-life television shows, we’ve read the news articles that depict the horrors of what happens when a doctor gets it so terribly wrong that the price is a patient’s life. But what happens when what’s on page and screen become a victim’s reality? If a client is seeking a medical malpractice lawyer, it’s more than likely they or their loved one has become a victim of medical malpractice or misdiagnosis.