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Why is Mental Anguish as Harmful as Physical Pain?

In this article Shaked Law Firm explains mental anguish, and why this affliction causes as much pain and suffering as physical injuries.

Mental anguish is as painful as physical injuries. After an accident resulting in pain and injury, the medical field provides prescription drugs and surgical procedures. This is adequate care, on the physical side. Physical injuries must receive treatment as quickly as possible. However, victims' mental health post-accident is not always a priority. This means the patient is receiving incomplete care. Recovering quality of life begins with physical injury healing, but involves mental health, too. From a legal standpoint, mental anguish occurs when, after injuries heal on the medical side, the victim still suffers emotionally. This means feelings of isolation, PTSD, flashbacks, and...

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How Are Families Preventing Burn Injuries?

Within this article, Shaked Law Firm will explain the importance of adequate fire safety, education, and preventing burn injuries.

Preventing burn injuries is possible. Every year, fire takes thousands of lives. These deaths and injuries are needless, tragic, and preventable. Burn injuries force victims to endure endless surgeries, painful healing, and disfiguring scars. Whether these injuries occur as a result of explosion, house fire, or care fire, they have one thing in common. And, that is: burn injuries may be less likely with better knowledge of fire safety. Responsible parents always make time to teach children specifics of fire safety. Schools, as well, should be educating students of appropriate ages about the importance of fire safety. There are dozens of...

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What is Economic Recovery Post Accident?

Economic Recovery is an important aspect of Personal Injury cases with serious injuries.Shaked Law Firm explains it's importance.

Economic Recovery is something many victims are unaware of. After sustaining injuries due to an accident, it's important to seek expert legal advice as quickly as reasonably possible. This means, once a victim stabilizes on the medical side, the next step is seeking Personal Injury representation. Depending on the severity of injuries, and prognosis made by doctors, victims may qualify for extra compensation. Consulting a lawyer with Board Certification is the only way to guarantee the full compensation a victim deserves. What can Economic Recovery do for victims? Economic Recovery is a complicated, but necessary aspect of Personal Injury cases with serious injuries. This...

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