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Recovering Lost Wages: Accident Victims Are Losing More Than Just “Sick Days”

After an accident with a recovery expected to be lengthy or that causes a permanent and lifelong injury such as a Traumatic Brain Injury, there’s an equally lengthy list of reasons a victim or their family may be entitled to obtain financial compensation. Depending on the severity of the injury and the prognosis made by a specialized team of medical professionals (known as “expert witnesses” when testifying at trial), a victim may qualify for a variety of monetary compensation to offset medical expenses that they’ve incurred by no fault of their own.

Defense Hired Doctors: Common in Personal Injury Law, But Lawyers Must Prepare Clients!

A victim’s rights post-accident can include everything from pursuing monetary (compensation) damages in civil court to the defendant facing probation or jail time in criminal court (in cases of wrongful death, shooting, and negligent security to name a few). The lengthy process of seeing a case through to the end (Discovery, depositions, mediations, trial, and more) often seems to take the biggest toll on a client who has already suffered so much. Being subjected to defense hired doctors may cause a victim to suffer from PTSD or mental anguish. That’s why this writeup will provide our readers with everything they need to know about reaching this point in their case, and why they need not fear a defense medical examination (“DME”).

What Florida Drivers Need to Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage (Don’t Sign Without Reading!)

According to, the go-to source for DMV regulations and updated amendments to the law by state, the Insurance Research Council–better known as the IRC–has estimated that 1 in 7 drivers doesn’t carry car insurance. This statistic is staggering but not surprising in states like Florida, where most drivers don’t carry enough or any motor vehicle insurance at all.

Healthcare Workers Are Violating Patient Care, But Personal Injury Lawyers Are Fighting Back

Whether we entrust the care of our aging loved ones to a skilled nursing facility as they age, or they’re admitted to the hospital after an unexpected accident or progressive illness, we expect those closest to us to be provided with the highest level of patient care. From doctors and nurses to those who prepare meals for our loved ones, we trust that our family members are being looked after and treated with the compassion, respect, and understanding each and every human being deserves.